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Using itunes 10.5 with Windows 7. Every time I open it, it says "itunes has stopped working." I've uninstalled and reinstalled that and older versions. Nothing has worked.

Windows 7
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    I had this problem when I downloaded the latest version of iTunes.  I had to download the previous version to keep it from crashing.   It worked for me but I had to revert back to my previous iTunes library or it won't open.

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    I am having exactly the same problem. I tried reinstalling Itunes 10.5, to no avail. The moment I open it and click on a song, I get the following error message: "Itunes has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available." The program then closes, and no solution is suggested.


    I will try reinstalling a previous version, as per your suggestion above, but this is not really a solution. Surely someone at Apple is trying to figure out why we can't use the latest version?


    Can someone help?

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    I had this problem for a week and I was constantly ******** about it to Apple.  I got the usual emails of diplomacy but no real solution.  I tried all their recommendations and finally came to the fact that it was there update and not my computer. The only reason I was able to fix my iTunes was by looking at the Discussion boards.  So, if you want your iTunes to work go to oldapps.com and download the previous version of iTunes, version 10.4.1.  Download it and when you try to open it it won't.  Says something about your library, you need to go back in to your old iTunes library before the update.  About finding your old iTunes library, I found this on one of their discussion boards at oldapps.com...


    If you decide to revert back to a previous version of iTunes, you may receive the following error:


    ITunes Library.itl cannot be read because it was created by a newer version of iTunes.


    This error prevents iTunes from launching. The library file was modified to work with the newer iTunes version, so it is no longer compatible with the previous version. The good news, however, is that Apple does backup the iTunes library file into a subdirectory that you can use to revert back to the previous version.


    To recover a previous version of the iTunes Library.itl file, use the following steps:


    1.Open up your My Documents\My Music folder.

    2.We will first backup the current version. Rename iTunes Library.itl to something like iTunes Library.itl.bak.

    3. Go into the My Documents\My Music\Previous iTunes Libraries folder.

    4.You may see several files that start with iTunes Library and have a date included in the name. Copy the newest file in the folder.

    5. Go back to the My Documents\My Music and paste the file from the previous step.

    6. Rename the new copied file to iTunes Library.itl.

    Your library should now be restored to the previous version of iTunes, and you should no longer receive the message.


    Follow this and you will be back on iTunes.  It worked like a charm for me.  The hardest part was actually finding the file.  I ending up just searching for iTunes Library.itl and it pulled it right up.  Good luck!

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    I was finally able to get it working by re-installing the Quicktime player!

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    Every time i open itunes i get an error message saying itunes has stopped working, and the only option is to close the program. I've tried the uninstall/install process but i get the same error message every time. Somebody help!

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    Ahhhh! Its back! I finally tried to open quicktime to see if it was working right, and just as i suspected it didnt open. So i went to control panel and repaired quicktime. Now even itunes is back. A very exciting feeling!

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    I would suggest you try reinstalling quicktime. You can even just repair it. Its much quicker, hope it works!

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    By the time I'd read your message, Nitin, I had already done this and it also worked for me! Yea!

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    Wel, that's great! Congrats

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    I have tried many of things suggested throughout this thread.  The only consistent things that works is to disconect from the internet inorder to use iTunes.  WHY HASN'T ALL MIGHTY APPLE provided a fix for this clearly faulty update?  It appear that they are taking the same attitude as MS.  Like all of you I have paid a premium for their products because they worked at a superior level to MS.  I don't want to have to be a computer genius to make iTunes work and receive my podcast downloads, etc...  The really stupid and short sided thing on their part that you can't access iTunes to buy stuff from them.  I guess I will think twice before I purchase that iPad this holiday season and will certainly think before I blindly accept a future update.