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Have been having a look on here after a few teething problems with syncing reading lists. As a feature on a single device I never really used it, but marking stuff to look at whilst out and about on the iphone to read on the MBP back home suddently seems far more useful.


Anyway, the phone is running iOS5 with iCloud set up, the MBP running 10.7.2 with iCloud set up. And I've restarted both.


It almost all works as follows....


If I make a change to the reading list on the iPhone, it syncs correctly to the MBP.


But if I make a change on the MBP, it doesn't sync to the iPhone.


Although, if, say, I add a page on the MBP, and then make a change on the iPhone, both devices catch up and get back in sync.


If that makes sense, has anyone had similar know if I'm missing something still, or if its just a glitch somewhere?