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I need some advice and suggestions please!  I have a MacBook Pro and an iPhone, and I use a PC (with Outlook) at work.  My goal is to use the MacBook Pro for my "master" calendar, so it will sync with my iDevices.  But in addition, I want to send/receive calendar invitations between my MacBook and my PC.


I've been using a POP Account in Outlook for Mac 2011 in order to accomplish the above, but Sync Services causes continual problems so I'd like to switch to Apple products if possible.  I was hoping to create a POP Account in Mail and use iCal instead of Outlook for Mac, but I'm unclear if iCal has "invitation" functionality with Outlook.  If so, what should I take into consideration and how should I proceed?  If iCal and Outlook won't translate each others' event invitations, does iCal work better with Google and/or Yahoo calendars?


Your recommendations would be greatly appreciated.  Or please direct me to resources that might answer my questions.  Thank you!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)