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new Epson SX235 W wifi enabled printer says on the box  " easy wireless photo and document printing from iphone, ipod touch or ipad ",. The printer is all set up and prints fine when used wirelessly with a laptop or a PC,  but the ipad 2  doesn't  recognise this printer when using the toolbar print option  available for example on web pages or e-mails.   The message says ' No AirPrint Printers found ' . I have the latest ipad software release (5.0);  ipad and printer are synchronised . Epson said the printer should work with the ipad.  Not seen settings anywhere on the ipad for Printers. Printing is possible only when using the Epson iPrint App but that has limitations.  Any help welcome

iPad 2, iOS 5
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    Your Epson SX235W does not appear on the list of AirPrint printers at <http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4356>.  If it is capable of AirPrint, it may just be too new to be on that list.  Also check to see if there is a firmware update for it.


    You may have a problem with your WiFi router not correctly handling Bonjour data required by AirPrint.  If you can set the printer's WiFi up to host an Ad Hoc WiFi network, you can connect directly to it from the iPad.  While this may not be practical for normal use, it might be helpful for troubleshooting the problem.



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    Thanks Fred; helpful comments but I am still rather in the dark !


    You are right in that the Epson SX235W printer  is not on the 'official' Apple list of 'approved' AirPrinters; I bought the printer recently because it is wifi and says it can be used with an ipad. I checked with Epson and there are no firmware updates. Don't understand the technical jargon about Bonjour but I checked the network status sheet for the printer which just says Bonjour  'Enable'    Bonjour Name  'EPSONEC1F61.local'.


    Seems odd that the printer works fine with wifi and a laptop / PC but not with the ipad2. The printer is clearly not being recognised by the ipad2 except through the Epson iPrint App which has limited application. 


    Would be great to get it all working but I'll have to make do otherwise by falling back on the App to make anything print from the ipad2.  Thanks. Montysuma.

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    the only reason your printer works with your laptop/ PC is that you installed a driver on them for it to work


    ios dont have drivers so there are 2 options

    1. the printer maker follow the airprint std

    2. the printer maker make ther own printing app and release it most of for free using app store

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    I checked your SX235W printer at the Epson website.  Nowhere does it specifically state that the printer is iOS compatible.  Apparently use of the Epson iPrint App is their idea of compatibility.


    I find the claim that it works with an iPad to be misleading.  If it were me, I would take it back to where I bought it and complain loudly.



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    I just bought the same printer for the same reasons, but have managed to get a result in that I can now print wirelessly from the iphone4 with 5.0 IOS

    Go to the app store and get the Epson Iprint app for free.

    You have to go though this app to print, but you can print web pages documents etc... even scan wirelessly.


    Hope this helps.



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    thanks ... I already installed  the iprint app,  but I find it much less convenient than being able to print directly eg: using safari and the  print option  on the ipad  toolbar.



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    Rudegar makes a usefull comment. I had be same issues with HP wireless printer.  Apple state that this modl is compatable. Doesnt work without a driver loaded however. HP don't tell you that untill you gone or customer help??

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    Wondering if you ever managed to find a way of using your Printer efficiently with your iPad.  I recently purchased an Epson SX235W and I really want to see if there's any way of sorting it out that you can print directly ......


    I have myself convinced that there must be some way around it!!!!  I don't want to give up --- I'm like a Dog with a Bone when it comes to stuff like this.


    Hope you might be able to help!!


    Thank you

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    Hi .... yes I can print using Epson i-print App but its very fiddly and really not a complete solution. You cannot apparently print directly to the SX235W  because its not an 'air-printer' and says "printer not recognised" Anything you want to print has to be transferred eg: cut &amp; paste to the i-print app before you can print. Tedious to say the least but do-able if you have all day !! I have got the hang of it now, but it's not good enough. One should be able to print a web page  directly from Safari for instance or an e-mail when using ipad but oh no .



    let me kow if you find a solution !



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    You do not have much in the way of options.  There are other printing Apps such as Print n Share and PrintCentral that have more features, but also have the same limitations as Epson's i-print App.  They can only be accessed from within other Apps that have the "Open In" option.


    The only real alternative is to run a program on your computer that shares its printer as AirPrint over WiFi.  Programs such as Printopia and FingerPrint are reported to work well, but your computer must be on and awake any time you want to print.  <Printopia for Macintosh>  <FingerPrint for PC and Mac>