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Ive been using my iphone normally and my iphones 4s battery life is to short so i dont know what to do to make it last longer.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5
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    MY battery is short two I wish apple fix this or am going to android

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    the battery life is amazingly shorttt...

    its not lasting 1 full day..

    I think the problem is in the IOS 5 coz even in standby it is being drained as ****..

    my Iphone 4 had much better battery life..


    I think a new update from Apple must come out soon to increase the battery life..


    Or we all will have a big problem

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    My battery drains even when just sitting.   I tried all the fixes and it still drains 15% per hour. 

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    I have an IPhone 4 to compare, 4S does at 15% per hour; called apple support, nice 'technical adviser' explained that I can send the 4S for replacement but it be a refurbish one that I did refused. Any ideas?

  • demonshunters Level 1 (5 points)


    Apple has acknowledged battery draining issues with iOS 5 and has since released a beta version of iOS 5.0.1 to developers, indicating a public release is due soon. The update aims to fix iOS 5 battery problems without modifications of settings, bring multitasking gestures to iPad 1 without the third party tweak, and resolve several other bugs and issues that shipped with iOS 5. "

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    I had a iphone 4 running ios 5 and i saw a marked reduction in battery life, i have since moved to the 4S as it has a slightly larger capacity battery and the power drainage has been phenominal i have read many forums and turned off many location based services and this has helped slightly.


    I found that the location based reminders drained the battery at a phemoninal rate as the GPS was consistently on and i sadly urge no one to use this app until something improves.


    Furthermore i have also noticed a issue surrounding the display of cellular network and it's signal strength i am with Three UK and i have found in tube tunnels i have full signal but try and place a call or do anthing requiring cellular data and you see you have no signal and in places where i have full signal normally i have no bars but i'm abel to call and use cellular data..


    The display seems very hit and miss...


    I urge Apple to release an update as i did once have a HTC Desire HD and i exchanged than phone pronto as the battery life was appaling and if this problem with the 4S continues i will be considering moving to another platform for my mobile needs.


    I acknowledge demonshunters comment in regard to 5.0.1 and i hope this is a fix.. and i wonder if you could tell me if there are any updates to how the software displays cellular signal?


    Many Thanks,

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    I've updated to iOS5.1 in the last hour after charging to 100% my battery has gone down by 10%

  • jack186 Level 1 (10 points)

    When you say "The display seems very hit and miss"  are you referring to:


    Where I press my finger on the display it doesn't seem to register at that location?


    I was playing MyTowns2 and i'm finding that when i want to collect coins, it doesn't locate properly.

    I figured it was only the game, so i tried iSlash.  I find that where I press doesn't corroborate with where it displays on the screen.


    (specs.  5.0.1 , white 4S, 16GB, Canada, Bell)

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    My friend told me to do a full restore on my iPhone n I did that yesterday. Standby time is 16 hours 19 mins and real time usage is 2 hours 15 mins an the battery life is now 70 percent. Is this bad or normal cause te usage time is still very little as I only use it to do some simple messaging. I turned off push mail functions, brightness is very low, removing background apps, no location settings, not sending user usage to apple. As I type this reply, battery just dropped by 1 percent. It makes me feel so annoyed because I really love the iPhone N the battery life is not doing us justice!

    Maybe you guys should try restoring the phone and do a full battery draining and recharge?

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    Having the same issue. I just bought my iPhone 4s a few days ago and this is very disappointing. Where's the update to fix this problem?

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    Hi I have been having terrible battery life too the battery just drains even if I do nothing..shame really I love apple products but this is just taking the ****!!wish I could get a refund

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    Hey Terpatx I'm having the same battery life problem too, did you end up solving it?

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    Unfortunately, same here with iPhone 4s iOS 5.1.1

    My battery drains really fast. At night (6-7 hours) it drains something like 20% at stand by.

    That's very dissapointing, and I have no idea what to do. Tried to restore and stuff, nothing helps.


    Any advices?