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I am doing a small project I shot with my Sony Vivaz Pro. it shoots HD and the files show as MPEG 4 ACC 1280x720 24fps. They look great when I check them out in the viewer but they all have a large section of black at the end. This was a mystery untill I realized that the black had audio that was repeat of what was on the clip just prior to the black. Also, when the play head stopped in the black, lo and behold, there was an image from the clip but a little previous where the playhead actually stopped. It's almost like there are two versions of the same file; one that plays when the playhead is moving and another, a copy that is slighty behind the first, that is only visible when the playhead is stopped.


I have tried using Compressor to convert the files to HDVDCPRO, Apple prores, uncompressed 10 bit (plus a couple more) and all have various problems plus nothing looks as good as the original.


If this isn't confusing enough, I eventually just learned to edit the originals by working around the different images I was getting only to find that when I added fades, the shadow clip showed benath the fade, not the original.


Sorry for the long question but this is very hard to explain. 

MacBook Pro 2.4 GHZ, Mac OS X (10.6.4)