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How can I get iTunes library to display the new names and organisation of tracks and albums (ie files and folders) that I have renamed and reorganised (using Windows Explorer) having previously imported them using iTunes?

(Even when I relocate "lost" tracks in iTunes (using the drop down menu facility to view in Windows explorer), although iTunes will then play the track, and knows where to find it, it refuses to display the track with its correct (new) name, or show it the correct (new) album.  That means I have lots of things called "Untitled" and "Track 01" etc, all of which have actually been renamed, but iTunes does not seem to have the capability to recognise the changes and update its library listing.  Another example - a Tchaikovsky CD with 3 major works in 13 tracks insists on displaying in iTunes as 13 tracks in one album, despite the fact that I have reorganised the tracks into 3 albums - two being Swan Lake and The Nutcracker - and renamed the individual tracks to a more useable format.)

Windows XP
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