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Since upgrading to Lion 10.7.2, whenever the computer goes to sleep it loses all network connectivity.  This is either wifi or ethernet.  It will reconnect after a minute or so after waking, but it is incredibly annoying as ichat has disconnected, I get no email and no calendar updates push.


I have also noticed that the USB ports are no longer active.


I have read many of the posts and none apply directly to my situation as my network never goes out while the unit is awake.


I have deleted all of the suggested prefs.  I have reset the SMC, I have tried ethernet only, and wifi only.  I am using an AEBS with dual band that is as updated as it can be.  I am on channel 11 for "g" and 149 for N.  there are no other networks near with those channels.  I have deleted all keychains relating to the network.  iphones and other computers in the house not experiencing the same issues.


I did not have this problem in SL.


Any new suggestions would be welcome.





iMac Intel, Mac OS X (10.7.2)