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I have a question. I need to have an effect which would make a logo or video burst into a bunch of feathers, and then come back together again. 





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    Wow, that's going to require some very advanced Motion stuff to do.  Make a Replicator with a feather image as it's source.  You'll have to composite it with the original.  That's a lot to explain step-by-step in a simple forum like this.

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    Thanks for the reply.


    Do you or does anyone have some where I can go to learn this?


    Or, someone I can hire to do this?





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    To do it yourself, you're going to have to just learn Motion.  Check out Ripple Training, they're about the best around.


    As for hiring someone, find someone local if you do.

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    In all honesty, if you have it, use After Effects for anything that's gonna be pretty crazy.  I find Motion 5 too unstable to rely on for any big projects.


    Not to mention there's like a 1000x more tutorials for after effects than there are Motion, and I guarantee that there is something that involves a image based particle burst (not necessarily feathers specifically, but you should be able to transfer it over to feathers).


    Wish I could help more.


    What you want sounds somewhat cartoony, and what I picture is making an animation of a bunch of feathers "poofing" up and floating down, and then shrinking the logo.


    So basically you have it so it shrinks the logo and as it's shrinking the "poof" of feathers "poofs" up at the same time.  You can probably achieve the shrinking effect just by simply scaling and adding a zoom blur and key framing it just right.  I'm there's several ways to achieve that.  But I think that would be easier than actually making the logo "shatter" into feathers (which is the impression I got initially).


    Like the others said above, you just have to learn the basics of Motion and/or AE.


    Oh, and with it coming back together again, the easiest way to do that is to just reverse the video backwards.  If you want each feather to actually have a different path it takes to "rebuild" the logo, that will be very tough to accomplish.  The only thing I can think of to make that work, is to allow all or most of the feathers to fall of screen and render out two versions of the logo.  Each of which having a different seed number.  Then, play one of the seeds for it exploding, and then play the other backwards for the rebuilding.  The the feathers would take different paths in the rebuilding stage of the logo.


    Sorry it's so long haha got me kind of curious too the best way to make that effect =)


    Hope some of that helps

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    Thanks for your reply, your reply was helpful....


    I do have AE as well as Motion, and I agree that Motion isn't so stable.


    I'll dig around and see what I can find.