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After reading some other discussions regarding similar issues with Airplay, I can't seem to find a working solution.


I'm having trouble getting my Apple TV to show up as a speaker in Airplay on my iOS devices (iPad and iPhone 4). The strange thing is, it does show up as a speaker on my Macbook Pro in iTunes. From iTunes on my computer, I am able to stream my music to the ATV.


Here's what I've tried so far:

-Updated all the latest software for each device

-Rebooting my devices, ATV and my Time Capsule (which I use as my network router)

-Ensuring that the ATV is turned "on" as an Airtunes speaker


Hope someone can offer some advice.

AppleTV 2
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    I have just purchased iPhone 4s and tried to airplay to my ATV2 with a shock to see that I had no airplay button on the phone to send it to ATV2.

    I did the same thing as everyone eles updated everything and restored ATV2 with no success until I simply went into my iMac and turned my firewall off.

    System Preferences>Security>Firewall and choose 'Stop' to turn off the firewall. Instantly iI had Airplay.