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The solution to the battery:

The iPhone 4S has tremendous of power in comparison to other hi-end phones and other iPhone models. The power comes from our beloved A5-SoC processor.

The A5 has to offer lots more of power in exchange to more power. More power means more heat and faster draining. The processor is mainly used to process Siri and other demanding applications. We decided to incrase the battery wattage by about 0.1-0.2(I think) watts. These extra watts helps a little to "keep it up" but it still uses a tremendous amount of power. Simple logic; an old 8-bit game uses a LOT less power than a big server room/datacenter. You users out there(includes me, I'm a 4S user too) will just "have to live with it". We can shut down running applications and undergo a charging cyclus* a month. Shut down running background applications by: pressing home twice, thus opening the bottom line of applications and hold an app in for as long that a red mark will appear. Press the red marks by the icons to close background running apps.


Solution to yellow screen:

The yellow screen problem is just literally glue from the factory, to hold the screen panel in place. That is why you can open a touch iDevice with a heat gun (DO NOT ATTEMPT, I WON'T GIVE YOU A NEW ONE!!!). The glue melts. The yellow screen is simply glue that hadnt dried. I was like that with all previous touchproducts. It is said that time is a good healer(except for age).


Let's hope this post clears it up a little.


--Daniel Isaksen

iPhone 4S, iOS 5, Solution to battery draining
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    Please post a reply regarding if you found help, or needs more. Developer willing to help in the forum. Rare or what? Just registered on the forum. Have not been using the forum service before. Only developer, Apple Confidential stuff and normal usage.

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    Please remember that iOS updates are still slowish; Apples servers are still under a lot of traffic.


    --Daniel Isaksen

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    This is a cross post, since I'm not sure if you can tell if others have replied to you in the forums.


    Thanks for your posts as my main goal is to capture as much information for you guys to prioritize your battle in getting the next iOS5 release out. From my own diagnosis and reading the other massive thread on this issue, here's what I have gathered (my initial posting was here:


    1) Turning off email Push and changing all email accounts to Manual updating solved my problems (I have one MobileMe (Mail, Contacts, Find My IPhone) and one GMail account (Mail, Calendars, Notes), no Exchange and no iCloud)

    2) Within 1 I didn't tease out whether it's the email, calendar, and/or contacts being the main culprit, although I hardly have any calendar events, but do have heavy email volume (5-20 per minute)

    3) I did also turn off most Location services, and minimized most Notification Center to what I need


    With these I got my iPhone 4S to draw about 1% per hour, which is acceptable for me (versus ~10%/hour). I restored from a backup when first setting up the 4S, and opted not to re-install as a new phone since I managed to get to the battery level that I need.


    Lastly, as to your notes regarding the A5 processor drawing more power for the same unit of work, I agree with you. However, I must point out that folks with iPhone 4 who upgraded to iOS5 are having the same problem (and maybe not as bad because of the A4), but the core issue appears to be daemons that are running more than they should/need to be (or crashing, but wasn't in my case).


    As you pointed out, iOS5 is a huge undertaking with lots of new components, and you guys deserve a lot of credit for shipping it on time! So it's understandable that there are teething issues, but I just hope you guys can track the battery issues down quickly, since I know it's very tempting to run to the Apple store to exchange for a new phone, but we know that's just a waste of Apple's money and poeple's time. One last suggestion, I think it'd be hugely helpful if Apple posts a knowledge base article for iOS5 battery tips, similar to the one compiled here by annabelle and these (,, so people can try them out before heading to the Apple store.


    All the best,

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    He's not an Apple employee, he did not work on ios 5.


    Apple does not release anything, acknowledge an issue until they have thoroughly researched it, understand it and have a fix ready.


    From other sources I have read the heating up and battery life issues are caused by iCloud sync issues-corrupted contacts, corrupted calendars repeatedly attempting to sync, failing. This causes the processor to run at 100%.

    The solution for now is to turn off iCloud syncing, from what I have read from outside sources.

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    I created this post before you posted in the iPhone battery life?, so I'm sorry if I posted anything wrong.



    There is no need to be rude, we DO have a fix for this. It is not released and if users finds another way by experimenting(don't get encouraged), it probably will not at all. It will maybe come with the next iOS update, it is not worth it to release a fix only because of this. There are other issues too. If we look back at the 4.3.4 to 4.3.5 was not just one fix, it was several fixes and security improvements that had accumulated. If a whole update is all about one problem, it is not worth it if you think like Apple. Wait for fixes to accumulate, then be angry meanwhile. I am just a developer, not a CEO.

    By the way, Jonathan I did not do too much on iOS, but at least I did something. Try rewriting a whole mobile kernel in one day Nd see for yourself.


    --A little annoyed Daniel Isaksen

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    Dont worry Daniel, there will always be haters out there it's usually a sign of how dumb they are.

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    Yes, i know. Jeez, finally someone who has something nice in mind. It is just so tempting to correct them.


    --Daniel Isaksen

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    You have piqued my interest on the fix you mentioned, but I'm guessing it's not by turning email fetch to Manual entirely, as I documented here? With that I am getting more than seven days of standby time:


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    I not sure if the yellow screen problem is really the glue thing. iPhone4's was partial but this time (4s) is the whole screen.  Some say it's rather LED problem that eventually gets bluer with time.


    However, I have seen that some people with iPhone 4 having the yellow screen (yellow filling the whole screen) say their phones are still yellow after one year.  What about these tetimonies?

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    Thanks for the informative post!

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    Thanks Daniel,


    I am new to Iphone, with 4s being my first.  I didn't know how to close the background apps.  I thought turning off and on again would close them, but it doesn't.


    I have also tried some of the other ideas people have suggested such as switching off location services.  I think turning off cellular data when not required improves battery life as well.

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    That's true for sure!  So, it's not glue drying, but color calibration, screen manufacturing that produces the overall yellowish, washed out tint.


    Awaiting a color calibration setting!!

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    Hello Guys! Does somebody know if Apple is going to give back possibility to turn off/on 3G in next release of iOS5? It can be a very good way to save the battery - to turn off 3G when you dont need it.

    Thanks a lot for reply!

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    Can't you just select Airplan Mode?  Then, if you need wi-fi, just turn that on separately.

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