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I have not bee able to get iMessage to work between iPhone 3GS and iPad2

iPhone 3GS, iOS 5
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    Turn iMessage on in Settings

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    iMessage is turned on both on iPhone 3GS and iPad 2. I should have clarified that. But my texts only show up on one or the other. The texts don't show up on both so I can only use one or the other.

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    I'm going to post here instead of making a new one.


    Since yesterday, my iMessage does not seems to go through at all and later sends it as SMS text. My sister and I, both have the iPhone 4S and have iMessage turned on and yet it does not go through and sends as a SMS text.


    I just sent an iMessage to my other friend who has iOS5 and iMessage worked because after I sent it, underneath the message said "Delivered". Where as when I send it to my sister, it has the blue text but then few seconds later changes to a green text and doesn't say "Delivered".


    So I don't know if it's her e-mail or my e-mail that is the issue??

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    I'm having same problems! I can't get my iPad and iPhone 4s to recognize eachother on 3G or wifi with imessage! I also sent messages to my girlfriend in Hong Kong and got charged for SMS and picture messages!


    Anyone else having problems? Any resolve???

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    We're having the same problem on 2 iPhone 4s and 2 iPads. Until a couple of days ago if my husband sent an iMessage from his iPhone, I got it on both my iPhone and iPad, but now it just comes  on phone which I don't always have with me. He couldn't send any message to my iPad. Our daughter also has iPhone 4s and her iMessages come to both my phone and iPad. Also, when I try to send an iMessage from my iPad to my husband's iPhone, it comes up without the little iMessage logo in the typing box.


    I just spent an hour with an Apple tech who couldn't straighten it out. he said to send an iMessage to an iPad, you have to send it to the apple id email. We've never had to do it that way before, we just had to choose "send a message" and pick the iPhone number and it would send to both phones and iPads.


    Anyone have an answer?


    OS 5.0.1 on all iPhones and iPads

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    I have same problem too.Since yesterday, I couldnt send imessage to my boyfriend in canada,first it sent as blue color text but didn't show "delivered" status and suddenly it changed to SMS text.It happened since yesterday untill now, but i can send imessage to my other friends within same country.

    Will i get my imessage back like normal? Anyone have answer?

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    ditto. same as cutie_ng and Kwopau. Did not have this problem until AFTER this last update. Anyone have a clue? I haven't seen any new downloads to fix it.

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    make sure you have the senders sending to your Apple ID only and make sure that ID is entered on both the iPhone and iPad.

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    I have same problem not working on I phone but does seem to be on I pad!

    Some one help please

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    i Cannot Send iMessages Also Even If I Have Internet OR Cellular Data i am Using An iOS 5.1.1 Software

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    it is now fixed