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Why email addres?


10 yrs Apple ID was just a 'name'


I even configured and registered my Apple iPod Touch 4G new only 6 weeks ago w/o using email address as Apple ID.


I upgraded to iOS 5 the 2nd week it was out and again, no email address.


Yesterday, Saturday, I restored by iPod to clear up hopefully some issue or other.


So now all my content that is under my old Apple ID.


You understand I sure don't want to change. I don't like change even.


And I sure don't think one of my email address is one bit secure or more secure.


No way.


Now it INSISTS and won't let me authorize my iPod (guess it isn't mine, seems like it is leased to me and is really not mine) so I can't use my old Apple ID.


Note: I use complex IDs and keywords and passwords generated by programs, not easy to type on an iPod or to remember even, but requires using a password manager to access and use them.


Easy to make a mistake, makes it hard to use otherwise.


I get really annoyed, frustrated, with such overbearing rules imposed and even changed mid-stream.


Draconian digital management of my property.


All I want to do, after spending 6 hrs loading the iPod is access it again.

Why didn't it ask for and switch to new ID then and there when it was restoring the iPod???

Isn't that more logical time and place?

Is to me. But what do I know, I just own it, used it as was for the last month just fine.


iOS 5 has been nothing but annoying, waste of time, and add insult to injury.

iPod touch, iOS 5, Windows 7 x64 3.2GHz
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    So just to save time and avoid I went to FAQ and it does not solve or answer nor is it satisfactory


    A working email address to me is NOT a good idea for a USER ID


    Apple recommends you change your Apple ID to your current, working email address. This will not create another Apple ID, it will only change it to your working email address. See How to change the name you use for your Apple ID if you'd like more information.




    How many people know my email addresses? more than know my current Apple ID that is for sure!


    How's this for example?




    That is more like what I would use. Wanna type that in?


    The time to do that is NOT when registerting and sitting with newly restored iPod. That to me is not good idea or sensible!


    PS: The Apple forums, community, etc will NOT let my password manager PASTE my password into login fields.


    So guess what? using various browsers, they are not supported, even the simple task of using the "change my ID" is broken and tends to encourge people to use simple things, or only works with OS X and keychain or something else. Very non-standard.


    Does not work. Not tested. Not thought out. Another road block. Made more difficult and complex than it needs to be.


    Just let me use my non-email address.


    This is tom-foolery.


    How do I change my Apple ID Name or personal information?

    You can change your Apple ID Name at My Apple ID. Select your country and language, enter your desired changes, then click the Continue button. Changes take effect immediately. You can also use My Apple ID to change your personal information, such as your mailing address or email address. See How to change the name you use for your Apple ID if you'd like more information.

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    According to the Apple ID support page, the email address that they and I have used for years and years ain't even VERIFIED.




    Now that is ballony as they use it to tell me about purchases and all other communications.




    "For your security you must"


    Ah, how about "for your security we strongly recommend you take such action" not force and require.

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    I want to know the ramifications of changing Apple ID.


    Change to what? I have no need or intention of using or being forced or pushed into something.


    First iCloud, then iMessage, and all for the purpose of...?


    An ID just for forums. Makes sense to me.

    An ID for purchases. Yup.

    Separate for iCloud.

    What does not make security sense is "one to bind them all." Or that email is secure, it is not.


    Since Apple ID contains all of the user's personal information, including credit card and bank account number, a stolen Apple ID could be very costly to its owner. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apple_ID



    Apple IDs and iCloud

    Oct 12, 2011 · When you first set up your iOS 5 device, enter the email address you use with MobileMe email as your Apple ID. If you skipped the setup assistant, go to ...      http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4895





    Bonus iMessage tip: If the folks you share an Apple ID with will all use iMessage, it’s a good idea to use your new, unique iCloud accounts for iMessage, too. By default, iMessage will try to use your main Apple ID, and sharing that ID across multiple iMessagers will only lead to trouble. To change your iMessage address to a unique email address that only you use, go into Settings and choose Messages. Next, tap Receive At, and then tap on the Apple ID at the top of the screen. In the pop-up dialog that appears, choose Sign Out, and then sign into your unique account instead.


    I always tell folks to Google.... so,




    This thread with same question and concerns but not resolved or adequate explanation:



    In iTunes:

    This is where you can change the ID to the Email address that you gave during the update to iOS 5 process.


    I did this while the iPad was connected and since then I have had no problems.


    I think Apple should have changed this during the update process and that failure has led to the issue we have been discussing.


    Is all this necessary? change ID, change iTunes Store, all my purchases for what? my security? I think not.


    This Wikipedia may not be "official" but it is helpful, links to same tech support articles, and centralized, good starting point that tries to put it all together.



    How to configure iCloud if you share an Apple ID       

    http://www.macworld.com/article/163006/2011/10/how_to_configure_icloud_if_you_sh are_an_apple_id.html


    Fess up, is this to get everything under an iCloud with an Apple email address and one person step to "owning" user's credentials. Nothing, zero, zilch, about actual "security."

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    Go into iTunes Store Account:


    Manage Devices


    These computers and devices are associated with your Apple ID for Automatic Downloads or to download previously purchased music, apps, and books.


    Computers and devices can be associated with a different Apple ID once every 90 days.

    Days remaining indicates the number of days before you can associated that specific computer or device with a different Apple ID.



    Changing my Apple ID 'now' means what to the "once in every 90 days"? before I can associate that specific computer or device with a different Apple ID. I bought and associated my iPod and computers in early September.


    - It all seems wrong.

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    I want Apple to stop mandating an email address as an ID.


    No one has responded. No one wants to say using their primary email address seemed wrong.


    Will my new ID interfere with my 1000+ songs, TV, video, books and other content?


    I don't want to find out.




    For what? it sure ain't security!