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Hi Apple Experts,

    Last weekend I upgraded my iPhone 4 to iOS 5.0. I set the backup on iCloud instead of PC. Then I was on travel for few days and came back last night connected to my wi-fi.

  This morning I connected my iPhone to download some Pics I took during my travel but before I could start import of my pics the phone got restored without warning. After restart of my phone I found that my phone is restrored from last week backup which was stored on my pc.

   When I checked my iCloud account it was showing that back-up Incomplete as almost all my free Space (5 GB) is used. I think when my iPhone started taking automoatic back-up last night it got stuck due to lack of space.

  In the morning when I hook up to PC it restored me ( don't understand why) to my last back-up on my PC. This leaves me losing all my photos taken during my trip.

The cloud back-up is still there but in a incomplete state. I don't know how to get data extracted from this incomplete back-up. I tried to restore iPhone from iCloud but it says no back-up available on iCloud.

    Please help me to get this data from icloud so that I can have my photos and some data back.




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    Same problem here.  Really really need a fix.  I decided to update my software during my month long trip to europe.  Now 500+ pictures, expenses I tracked, everything is gone.  Following  the "ok", "accept" prompts like an automotron, I now have my phone restored to a 2 month old restore point.  Somehow there was no restore point for the night I updated, though I'm pretty sure itunes did something....


    So I really need a way to recover at least some of my lost data.  Please help me access the incomplete backup on iCloud or suggest another way I can find my pics and notes and expense tracking (within app).




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    Well, after days of research and calls, I found out that there's nothing I could do.  I'll share what Apple iCloud and iPhone support have told me and what I've read...


    If you have an incomplete backup on iCloud.  The best way to push that over is to set-up your phone as a new phone, then during the activation (select language, select location services, that part) select to restore from iCloud backup.  That was the apple tech's advise, but unfortunately that didn't help in my case.


    Another option is to get the iPhone Backup Extractor from Cnet and it will allow you to see what's backed up in your backup directrory (the path is: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\MobileSync\Backup\)

    The free versions has limitations when extracting, but I only used it to see what's there.  Once I saw that there were only 250 pics backed up, I knew that my 500 pics were gone.


    Finally there is an expensive solution via DriveSavers.com.  Apple has worked with them for years.  Every time you erase something on your devise, it's still there, it just gets assigned a value telling your operating system that the data can be written over what you (thought you) erased .  So those guys got the expertise to get you your data, but it's not cheap, with prices ranging from 400 - 1700.


    Good luck to you,


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    Thanks for you kind information.

        I also tried restore from icloud incomplete backup but didn't worked.

    But if there is a iCloud back-up extractor or if I can download that incomplete back-up on my PC then probabaly my problem will be solved.


    Is there a way to download the icloud back-up on the PC?


    Many thanks in advance

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    I'm unaware of any iCloud extractors, BUT, the senior iPhone technical support rep I talked to, could see the summary for the content in my icloud account. 7 pics, 150 contacts, etc.


    From that summary I knew that getting the iCloud backup wouldn't help, since it didn't have my pics, so I gave up my efforts trying to get it.


    I hope you have better luck.

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    We had the same sort of issue--incomplete backup when a phone died during the backup.  We cannot retrive any photos  after restoring to a different phone.  To me the inability to see the cloud files simply and directly via the MacOS is a serious drawback and I would not recommend using iCloud until they change how files can be accessed.