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Something happened to all my stored notes on my mac (I did not back them up to 'The Cloud' but I do have a time machine backup.


The only thing I did was update the HP printer package and my notes dissappeared except for one note.


So, in an attempt to undelete and/or restore these missing notes, I need to find their filename extension and storage location in the file system.


Thank you.


Mail, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    I have resolved my issue


    Storage location of mail data:


    Username > Library (Hidden folder) > Mail > V2 > Mailboxes > Notes.mbox > ID String


    There were two ID strings in there so somehow my mail did something odd as I don't recall changing mail or cloud or anything else related but that doesn't mean I didn't...


    A simple copy/paste from one ID string to the other, open mail, select account, then Mailbox > Rebuild and all my notes are back where they are supposed to be.


    Hope that helps someone else in the future.