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For those who are having the same problem i have issued since iTunes 10.5 and iOS 5 for ipod touch 3g. Finally after searching and asking and reading lol. Found a solution to it and couldnt have done with out everyone working together helping each other out so i would like to share this fix seeing it was making me quite salty..lol.


Thanks to Turingtest2

  • Turn off the option to Keep ITunes Media Folder Organised.
  • For tracks that have had minor changes my script FindTracks might be able to reconnect iTunes to the files you renamed via Explorer.
  • For everything else use iTunes Folder Watch - this can remove your orphaned files (file missing) and add your renamed files back to iTunes.
  • You can get iTunes to import your file level renames with myTagFromFilename script, assuming a standard layout of <Artist>\<Album>\## <Track>.
  • If you want to use iTunes, use iTunes to edit your tags, not Windows Explorer...




And Finally I forget who it was and if they happen to read this and can show me the thread ill give you credit also. But secondly Create a playlist under your iPod (Named mine Music). Then drag all music that Keep itunes playist makes to your "Music" playlist on your ipod (of course after editing get info for artists and titles to correct it all) Sync and all should work perfect. Mine is now and its been week plus now..Thank fully! Hope this helps many many out!!!!!

iPod touch, iOS 5