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My settings icon is gone, how can I restore it?

iPhone 4S
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    You can't delete it, it maybe that you've managed to put it in a folder or moved it somewhere else on the iPhone. On your main home screen push the Home button and go to the search screen. Type in settings and see if it finds it. If it does, you can launch it from there but unfortunately it won't tell you where it is.  Also try resetting your iPhone by pressing the home and sleep buttons until you see the Apple logo, ignoring the slider. Takes about 5-15 secs of button holding and you won't lose any data or settings.

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    i've picked 'reset all contents and settings' and after the whole process, thinking i was just deleting settings and other installed apps after buying the ipad, all the icons disappeared. even the settings icon, the safari icon, mail, notes, EVERYTHING. help!