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I am really starting to get upset now...


I am trying to delete certain songs off of my iPhone 4s. And they just wont go!


I deleted the song from my iTunes library completely and pressed sync. iTunes is configured to sync ALL of my music and playlists.


In iTunes, tried hitting "manually manage music and videos" to look for that video on the iphone itself, but the songs aren't there, but it is on the iPhone and I can play it. And yes, I am looking in the right place.


The only thing that seems to work is wipe and re sync. but this happened with 4 songs already, I have many more to delete, and i DON'T want to keep my desktop on for an hour after each time I delete a song.


This was never a problem with my iPad, iPad 2, iPhone 4. wasn't a problem when I synced via double twist with my android devices either.


This isn't why I switched from Android. I need a real solution here that doesn't envolve erasing everything.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5, Verizon 64GB Black
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    well, i'm certain that I found the cause for this issue. when you sync your iphone, iOS 5 does not halt or stop any of its native apps and this causes an issue where itunes thinks it removed something when if fact it hadn't. the only solution is to wipe and resync as far as i can tell.

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    I found something that I think might work. For some reason, (maybe an iOS 5 issue) the 4s likes to hold information even if deleted from your iTunes. I made the mistake of renaming the folder that contains all my iTunes music/video files. Instead of finding all the locations, I thought it would just be easier to delete my library and reload the newly named folder. This screwed up the music app on my 4s beyond recognition, which, as I understand, is already an iOS 5 issue (ie: misorganized albums, artists, and songs). Well after several attempts of the unsync then resync method I realized that when I would unsync my library I would still have 10 gigs of music on my phone. Come to find out this was the music that was originally in my iTunes that the phone some how held on to. This would not show up under manually manage music and seemed unaccessable. After a little fiddling I found a solution. This may require you to delete all your music and start from scratch (I didnt play around with it too much. Just deleted all the music that was on there). Anyways, unsync your library. You should see that those songs are still alive and kicking in your library. go to "Settings", "General", "Usage". There it will show all your apps and how much data they are currently using. Find your music app, tap edit and delete it. Then just resync your library without those tracks and you should be good.

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    Dont give up faith man. iOS 5 is brand new. A few bugs are to be expected. Ice Cream Sandwich will have bugs of its own. Just keep an eye out for updates on iTunes and things will start running smoother.

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    Not sure if you ever sorted this out but the easy way to delete individual songs with iOS 5 is go to the song on the phone in the Music app and slide your finger to the right.  A Delete button will show up and you just click that.

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    To delete an item from your library:

    1. Click the item to select it, and press the Delete key.
    2. Click Remove.
    3. Do one of the following:
      • To remove the item only from your iTunes library, click Keep File.
      • To delete the item from your computer, click Move to Recycle Bin. The item is deleted the next time you empty the Recycle Bin.
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    wow, thanks for not reading anything I wrote.


    Those songs are long since gone from my itunes library and my computer. My problem is that when I clicked the sync button, the new songs were added to the phone, but the deleted songs stayed.

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    Thanks, I didn't think about that. What I ended up doing was deleting all of the setting from my iphone, doing a complete wipe and starting everything from scratch. The folders, app settings, log in info, etc. That got rid off all the unwanted songs. Deleted pitbul, britney, lil wayne and all the other garbage my ex downloaded on to my phone.


    I deleted all the songs I didn't want and resynched everything. So far I'm OK, but, I haven't had to delete anything since then.


    But I will keep your advice in mind if this comes up again.


    Now I'm kinda stuck with the iPhone, can't switch even if I wanted to. My new car will only talk to iphones/ipods. 2012 Murano LE