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I have many pages of apps. Some of the pages are completely covered with apps but other pages have one, two and three empty spaces. How do I merge the apps to fill all pages without having some with empty spaces? Can I do this when I have my iPhone connected to my iMac showing the pages with the open spaces?

iPhone 3GS, iOS 5
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    You can drag them around using iTunes when your iPhone is connected.

    Highlight your iPhone on the left of the iTunes window then click the Apps tab across the top of the page


    You'll see a representation of all your iPhone pages where you can drag your icons around to your heart's content.

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    Thanks, worked like a charm. Keep up the good work!!!

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    Hi, I have arranged my apps on iTunes but after that when I sync my iphone, it just scrambles back to the same position and the apps on my iphone did not arrange itself either. I have tried arranging on my iphone and sync back to iTunes and nothing happens as well. Hope you can advise how to correct this issue. Thanks.