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after a update from apple and comodo i notice that my computer would almost freeze, so after stopping my startups and fixing drive J of it's problems i was going through the list was going to start up itunes again when i noticed apple push.  i dont even know what apple push is but it seems to be ONE of the start up's that is slowing down the computer.



Anyone else having problems with it?

itunes, Windows 7
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    Yup. I run iTunes on a windows XP machine and the Apple Push cripples my iTunes. It freezes everything for about 15 seconds every 30 seconds. Crazy annoying.

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    Could not get cd's to import on my wife's computer. The computer would lockup and I could not do a thing. Opened task manager to find cpu at 100%...not good. Saw apple push and stopped it. A miracle happened...the computer is back to normal. What is this apple push, because it cripples a computer when it's running.