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Because I'm having the iOS5 WiFi bug (only WiFi signal close to router, ca 1m distance, further away from router no WiFi signal), I was trying to solve this problem by restoring iOS5 firmware on my iPhone 3GS. While restoring using iCloud & reinstalling my apps, I had to sign into the AppStore using my AppleID & password.


The AppleID (emailaddress) field was pre-filled in, the e-mailaddress of another random iCloud user was shown on my screen (...@hotmail.co.uk)!

Apple what's up? This is a major privacy issue: why could I see the emailaddress of anoter random iCloud user and can other users also see my emailaddress through this bug?


Overall two problems: the WiFi bug (using WiFi is impossible) and a major iCloud/restoring/AppStore privacy bug. What's happening!

iPhone 3GS, iOS 5