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Hi, I hope someone can help. Could you please tell me how I might transfer my itunes songs to an SD card but include the album artwork as well so they display in my car. The car will display graphics but i just get the generic musical note symbol. If you could help then that would be great.





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    Some of this may depend upon the formats supported by your car.


    I know with MP3s you can embed artwork (I only have two AAC files and while I believe you should be able to embed artwork I haven't gotten it to stick). This means the artwork data is actually included in the file as a tag.  I don't think iTunes does this as routine. It gets artwork but it saves it as a separate file.  Check the Dougscripts web site for a script that embeds the artwork.  Note that each file for which you do this will become slightly larger which is why for people with thousands of files iTunes does it a different way normally which is just keep one reference artwork file for all in an album.