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Hello everybody


i queued up from 3am to get my 4s and i dont mind sharing the iphone love around and was letting him play temple run on the phone, and he got distraced and placed my phone on the side of our work bench, it vibrated and fell off and smashed and chipped the back of the phone


anything i can do? should i book into a genius session?


i have been trying to find something official by apple but there seems to be a lot of, people getting phones for free or paying for a new one,


just was wondering if anyone can clear it up for me,


im all insured too but the excess (£100) is a bit excessive and trying to save my friend some money as he is not the most well of person

iPhone 4S, iOS 5
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    1. Get a new friend.


    2. Did you buy Applecare+? If so Apple will replace the phone for a moderate charge. If not they will charge a standard replacement fee. Don't know what it is in the UK, but it is $199 in the US.


    If it is just the back glass I think they can replace that in the store for a small charge.

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    Talk to the Genius Bar.


    Some people are getting free replacements, others pay for the repair.  Your attitude to the people at the bar will help, and it sounds like you have a good start to *maybe* getting a replacement.  *Maybe*.

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    thankyou for the quick replys, i have spoken to the apple store briefly and they said "bring it in to genius and we can see what we can do for you"


    i enjoy my apple goods just a shame that there is no direct policy on this, all depends on how big your smile is.


    in relation to the other post we dont have applecare+ however i do have insurance with my carrier but id rather see if there is a cheaper option first and to get a trip to the apple store


    i understand my friend never ment to break my phone its scary how it was a small break and now its all cracked along the back.


    if anyone has had a similar experience than please help

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    My first iPhone 4 took at accidental dip into a tall glass of water sitting on my nightstand one dark night. Everything worked but the microphone, but I still took it into an Apple Store the next day. They told me "accidental" damage isn't covered. $199 and I was out of there with a new iPhone 4 in minutes.


    In this instance, I only had myself to blame. Needless to say, I've been much more cautious with my iPhone since. Hope they are able to help you the same way...