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So, today I was working on my machine and noticed my cores were completely maxed.


Looking at the top, it was fseventsd. Anyway, I restarted and the processor usage went away. Now, my backups are to a 2tb external drive. It's encrypted through Time Machine. I also have other non-backup files on there. Because of the weird behavior and the Apple discussion here (which describes a similar problem I'm having, but it was from 10.5 not .7), I decided to do a disk check. My boot drive is fine, however my backup drive returns the following:


Verifying volume “Biclops”

Checking storage systemChecking volume.

disk2: Scan for Volume Headers

Invalid Volume Header @ 0: incorrect block type

Invalid Volume Header @ 1999734001152: incorrect block type

disk2 is not a CoreStorage volume

Error: Storage system verify or repair failed.


I can still seemingly use and stream and backup to this drive, but I'm now weary of proceeding due to this error I've never seen before. Do I have to move off the several hundred gbs of stuff and reformat? Or, is this drive turning to toast?


Also, another quick question, why aren't the 7200rpm drives in the new Mac minis SMART enabled? I find this odd in this day in age...

S.M.A.R.T. Status : Not Supported

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.2), i7, 8GB, 750GB
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    Had similar problem as you, only difference is in number of 2nd Invalid volume header. This started with problems with encrypted backup drive which was down to corrupt file and necesitated erase and full backup. I now however get the Error message you reported but when attempting to verify my Mac HD. I haven't a clue what this means & wondered if you had learnt anything more? 

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    Restarted in Lion Recovery Partition [Restart + Command-R]. Ran Disk Urtilities Verify & no problems reported with Mac HD. Same lack of problems with Mac HD on restarting in main partition. Threads going back to at least 10.4 reporting similar problems. General consensus appears to be that Disk Utility Verify can throw up spurious error reports (we all hope)