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I was given a CD with medical info and xrays. It won't run on my Mac (autorun.inf file). Is there a way to open and run this or is it like a ".exe" file which can't be run on a Mac even with some other software? One website said a feature in QuickTime called "AutoPlay" should be enabled for this to work but I can't find that feature in QuickTime or in the OS X Help menu. Any suggestions?

DP G5, 12" PB, G4 iMac, new Mini   Mac OS X (10.4.3)  

DP G5, 12" PB, G4 iMac, new Mini, Mac OS X (10.4.3)
  • Diane Benoît Level 2 (360 points)
    Hi acutabove! According to this article:

    "Autorun.inf is the primary instruction file associated with the Autorun function. Autorun.inf itself is a simple text-based configuration file that tells the operating system which executable to start, which icon to use, and which additional menu commands to make available. In other words, autorun.inf tells Windows how to deal open the presentation and treat the contents of the CD.

    The entire sequence is initiated when the "disk change notifcation" polling discovers a new disk in the CD or DVD ROM drive. Then, if the "Auto insert notification" feature is enabled (it is by default), Windows checks in the new disk's root directory for the existence of an "autorun.inf" file. If found, Windows then reads and follows the specific instructions this file defines. If no autorun.inf file is found, then Windows refers to the new disk by its serial number and executes the default actions associated with the (data or audio) content on the disk."

    AutoPlay in QuickTime was I think well before QuickTime 7. I have QuickTime 7 Pro here and I couldn't see where this setting was.

    I did find however on the AppleScripts QuickTime webpage a script that deals with Auto Play. Look for the Properties section about 66% down the page. Will it work in QuickTime 7? I really don't know.

    Can you access other files on that CD?

    I hope this helps you a little.
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    as Diane's link suggested - it may well be a windows only disk.

    You need to look deeper into the contents of the disk to see if there's any mac application, or files that the mac can recognise. Problem being that the files will likely just have meaningless names & you'd have to open each one to see what it shows.

    Post a short list of the files you find, if you're not sure - but many many cd's like that are windows only.
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    Heere is a list of the file names. I think you two are correct. It's Windows only unless someone knows of a third party program that can read these files.
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    Holy moly! Yep that's Windows-only.

    The only thing I know that would allow you to open and use that CD is a PC Emulator.

    For serious stuff such as medical info, can't they issue platform independent CDs? My god!...
  • acutabove Level 1 (35 points)
    Thank you very much for your replies. You confirmed my fears. I agree, stuff like this should be platform independent but peolple stuck on PC's don't know anything else and most IT Departments are too narrow minded anyway. Thanks again.
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    In your list you had "Profiles". Is this a file or a folder? If it's a folder, then you might be able to look in there for images representing your xrays, etc.
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    It's a folder but it contained files which when opened were pages of computer language.
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    Interesting clue: "DICOM" is a standard format for medical imaging, and there are readers for OS X. Or at least a reader. Or at least some library code around that can read it. Of course you'd have to dispense with the reader and table of contents and other interface niceties on the disk and find the raw image files.
  • acutabove Level 1 (35 points)
    You solved it! I found a DICOM viewer, FREE, and professional quality called OsiriX 2.2.1. All the info appeared as if "made for Mac" and with all the viewing bells and whistles. Thank you.

    DP G5, 12" PB, G4 iMac, new Mini   Mac OS X (10.4.3)  
  • Diane Benoît Level 2 (360 points)
    That's great that your problem is solved!!!