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How long does it take people to normaly charge their 4s? I read on this forum it takes someone 2-3 hours. Mine  takes under 2 hours gaining  about 1% per minute. Is this normal. On a side not I am not having the horrible stand-by battery life like many are having, only typically loseing 3-4? over night.

iTunes 10.4, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
  • crh24 Level 3 Level 3 (920 points)

    Sounds normal to me--normal being that's the way mine acts

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    thanks for responding, got a little worried when I read took that long and mine didn't.

  • rimshaker Level 3 Level 3 (515 points)

    From a completely dead battery to 100% takes about 4 hours via USB charging. Using the wall adapter takes roughly 3 hours. From the 20% warning alert to 100% takes about 2 hours via USB. The battery will "fast charge" to 80% pretty quick and then "trickle charge" slowly the remaining 20%.

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    I have noticed it stops charing as fast when it goes higher up.

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    Hey! I have an iPhone 4S too. I have some advice about the 3-4% overnight thing. the Battery life degrades when there are several programs open. if you leave these programs open then the battery will lose points quicker. Close these programs. If you don't know how to then it's simple. double click the home button then you'll see all the programs that are open. tap on the app but hold down on it. everything will start to shiver and then you can see a red button on the top left hand corner. this will close the apps.


    Hope it helps...