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No sound effects work on my iPad 2 after I did the iOS 5 update and I don't know what to do my. Music still plays but no sound effects or ringers

iPad 2, iOS 5
  • King_Penguin Level 10 (120,171 points)

    Have you got notifications muted ? Only notifications (including games) get muted, so the iPod and Videos apps, and headphones, still get sound


    Depending on what you've got Settings > General > Use Side Switch To set to (mute or rotation lock), then you can mute notifications by the switch on the right hand side of the iPad, or via the taskbar : double-click the home button; slide from the left; and it's the icon far left; press home again to exit the taskbar. The function that isn't on the side switch is set via the taskbar instead : http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4085

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    Interesting in that I'm having exactly the same problem...   All the general sound settings are as they should be, and the taskbar setting is on: yet no effects...

  • King_Penguin Level 10 (120,171 points)

    You have sound effects turned on Settings > General > Sounds ? And the icon at the far left of the taskbar doesn't have a line through it ? You could try changing the function of the side switch and then toggling it off and on and see if that has any effect.

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    I had this same problem and played with the function that changes the purpose of the switch that can either MUTE the iPad or put into ROTATION LOCK. This is just a theory, but it seems that when I made the switch from utilizing the MUTE function to ROTATION LOCK I may have had the switch in the MUTE setting. So when I switched it back to serve as the MUTE function the sound effects returned when I ensured it was OFF. I would advise trying to play with the function a little bit. Go into Settings > General > and make sure that "Mute" is selected as the function for the purpose of the side switch. Once you have that, ensure that the switch is in the position which does NOT display the red dot when viewed from the side. Check your sound effects by either opening up a game or composing a message and listening for keyboard clicks (provided you have keyboard clicks enabled...


    Let me know if this works.

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    Same problem. No working at all

    Only with headset work

    The sound works without headset only with "lost my iphone" of when you try sound

    Sounds effect are not working

    Switxhes are working

    I have reset all Ipad complete reset



    Maybe something wrong with motherboard?