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I have a problem that I'm sure other people have as well.


The problem in a few words is that iMessage is not capable of fast switching between Wi-Fi and cellular network.


Example 1:

When I am texting with my girlfriend and I'm inside my house, but a bit too far from my router (but still connected to it, yet with a weak signal), the iPhone often fails to send the message (red dot error) or with a certain amount of delay (usually a minute or two).


Example 2:

When I am outside, on a location where I don't have a 3G connection and obviously no Wi-Fi either, I have the same issue as described in the example above. It also occurs when having a 3G connection, but this issue is much less occuring.


In my opinion, Apple should seriously rethink the way iMessage works, cause it is quite annoying when you think that a message has been sent. When you check your iPhone 20 min/ 1 hour/ 2 hours... later, and you find out the message hasn't got out, you feel like smashing the phone against a wall. Especially when the message is urgent.


I never have this problem with What's App, that's why I prefer to continue using this. Maybe Apple should buy them, so they have at least proper working software.


Is there a way to fix this? The level of 'this annoys the crap out of me' on a scale from 1 to 10 is 11 right now.

iPhone 3GS, iOS 5
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    The mesage will only send if you have a sufficient wi-fi or 3g signal, otherwise you ned to send it as a text message. When it fails to send tap the red dot and select send as text message, unless you now have a better 3g signal then tap try again.

  • denn1svc Level 1 Level 1

    Yes I am aware of that. But this is not the way to work. Even my Nokia 3310 (God rest his soul) sends text messages more efficient.

  • Pauly78 Level 1 Level 1

    i havent  had this problem with my iphone or my ipad, i mean, ofcourse there have been the odd occasion when ive been unable to send a message using imessage, but never when ive had wi-fi or 3G, whats your device like at dropping the wifi when your browsing the net? do you have to constantly re-connect?

    maybe an antennae problem.

  • denn1svc Level 1 Level 1

    No Wi-Fi works fine, 3G works fine. It's when I am 'far' away from my router, when the signal is still there but on the weak side.

  • Pauly78 Level 1 Level 1

    Theres one thing in the past i have noticed, with my ipad, occasionally when i was browsing the net or using facebook app etc it would just stop responding (like id lost my wifi connection) yet my wifi signal strength would say i had 1 or 2 bars still, pages wouldnt load or refresh unless i got up and went closer to my router. this would only happen on my ipad though, not the iphone and was before ios5 so i didnt have imessage.

    I never have the problem now though as i moved my router to a more central position in the house. Maybe the device says you have the signal, when really you dont..... this is the impression i got with mine which is why i moved the router.

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    I notice the same issues with my iPhone and iPad.  I hope there will be a fix for it soon.  The same type of problem occurs when I am using Safari and am farther away from my router at home; my device continues to try using the wi-fi instead of switching to 3G to optimize the download speed.

    Another problem with iMessage: my sister has an iPhone without a data plan and has to turn off iMessage to send texts when she is outside of a wi-fi zone, otherwise it keeps try to send as an "iMessage" instead of a "Text Message" and displays the red dot error that it cannot send.  And when I try sending her an iMessage (my iPhone knows she has iOS 5 with iMessage) it shows as delivered, even though she has her iMessage turned off and does not receive it until she turns it back on.


    One more thing: The whole iMessage to email address and/or phone number is very lame...please make all iMessages (sent and received to either location) sync between registered devices.  It just makes more sense than having 2 conversations open with the same person becasue you iMessage from your iPhone using your phone number then switched to your iPad using your email address..


    There are a lot of things to fix/improve with iMessage to make it as good as WhatsApp or BBM...

    Get to work, Apple!

  • denn1svc Level 1 Level 1

    I totally agree with you.


    My girlfriend doesn't have a data plan either and has the same issues as your sister.


    What's App 1, Apple 0

  • jamie654 Level 1 Level 1

    I have a similar issue,


    I can have my iPhone 4 and iPad set up with iMessage and all chats are syncing. Something happens normally after 24 hrs and the iPad will no longer send iMessages (red failed icon). If I disconnect the ipad from my home wifi and connect via iPhone 4 hotspot it will work again. Then I reconnect to home wifi and all is good.


    The reverse can also happen with the iPhone not sending iMessage over wifi and I just switch to 3G send the message and switch back.


    It's like it is not happy with 2 devices with same apple IDs on the same wifi network. A little off topic but FaceTime behaves in exactly the same way.


    I have spent hours googling and spoken with genius bar all to no avail...


    Any ideas?

  • SGFC Level 1 Level 1

    Try setting the DNS address in your connection settings to your ISP's DNS server.


    Sometimes an iDevice will choose your router's gateway as the DNS.

  • UncleT25 Level 1 Level 1

    Is this supposed to fix the issue of switching automatically from WiFi to 3G when the WiFi has low or week signal?