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I wish to delete iCloud and revert to my mac running as before. This is because of many issues but mostly because my mac (which has been trouble free for 3/4 years) is behaving badly, as well as my other devices. So much so that I am sending it to its room until I resolve things.

Everything has slowed down so much its like walking uphil through treacle. The amount of free memory seems to have a mind of its own changing frequently from 21GB down as low as 2GB as one alarming stage. (The total memeory on my mac is 319GB). Seems to always be something going on in the background (you can hear the little virtual brain ticking over and over).

Now none of the above may have anything to do with said Icloud....but.....

I would rather delete the icloud bit and see if that makes the difference.

I can always get on board the cloud express again later.


My questions are...

1. How do I remove Icloud from my mac, my phone and my ipad....

2. Will I lose anything on my mac by doing so. My mobile me account naturally stopped the moment I jumped aboard he party


Thank you




Mac OS Lion 10.7.2

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