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  • Pittstown113 Level 1 Level 1

    That works!  use instead of (It also works for normal email.)

    Wow.  Thanks; now I won't have to get a divorce after all

  • chip.r Level 1 Level 1

    Interesting, I'm having this problem. Here are the details:


    3 GMail users not receiving invitation.

    1 work domain email address hosted at Google also not receiving invitation

    1 GMail user did receive the invitation.


    I've tried several things so far without success. Trying the "Receive iClound notifications..." option now.

  • jetpilotmrg Level 1 Level 1

    Fixed the problem for REAL!!!


    I have a gmail email account that is also my Apple ID. I had put my email address as the Recovery email for my girlfriend's Apple ID. Big mistake! Somehow Apple recognized this and wouldn't let me send invites to her email or anyone else's for that matter. I removed the gmail address from her account and I had partial success with invites. I could send her an invite, but she couldn't send me one. INVITES SENT TO A GMAIL APPLE ID WON'T WORK. I deleted My Vcard information in Contacts and then reentered the info, unchecked automatically retreive CalDAV invitations from mail (iCal preferences), and then logged into iCloud on Web and went to Calendar>preferences>advanced and selected send invites to Email instead of in App. Now all invites go to my email address where I can then accept and enter them into iCal. Wheww! Apple has made this complicated...just like a Windows problem...ouch.

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    Just experienced the same wife (who had a gmail account) did not receive an invitation.  So I created an iCloud account instead, and the calendar received the invitation.  It seems that iCloud stopped being able to utilize non iCloud accounts to communicate.

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    Hi AKlick,


    Just wanted to say thank you so much for your solution.


    I have gmail as my main email/calendar and use iCloud for everything else i.e. reminders, contacts, tasks, etc.

    For a few months now, all my calendar invites were coming up as iCloud even though I had GMail set up as my main calendar in my iPhone/iPad and iCloud was turned off.  It as a pain because even though I changed the invite to gmail on my ipad, it wouldn't let me send an 'accept' or 'decline'.


    Following instructions re: logging into and changing 'use icloud for invitations' to 'use gmail for invitations', it works now and no more errors when I accept.


    Thanks so much..

  • NZBred Level 1 Level 1

    ....sorry, that last part should have said that I clicked the advanced tab in calendar setting and then chose "send invites to Email' - which was my gmail - instead of 'In App'

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    This soultion worked for us, but the only problem i still see is anyone that has created a itunes/icloud account that has the wrong setting, tha does not use icloud as there primary calander will never get the invites,

    is there any work around?

    DavidATX wrote:



    This is now working correctly for me. I went to, selected Calendar, Preferences, Advanced, and unchecked "Use iCloud for incoming invitations". Now it works perfectly - I now get an iCloud users calendar invite to my gmail.


    Thanks again for the troubleshooting. I'll have AppleCare update my ticket so they have record of this solution.



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    I was having a similar problem, but it went a little deeper. My wife could not receive calendar invites at her Gmail address because her Gmail address is also her iCloud login. My Gmail address is (was) also my iCloud login. I have it working now with a fairly simple workaround. Here are the steps I took:


    -I changed my iCloud login to a different e-mail address ( and that didn't solve it.

    -I created an entirely new iCloud login, but she still could not receive invites

    -I tried sending invites to other e-mail services, like Yahoo, and those worked fine

    -I tried sending to her throwaway Gmail address and that worked fine


    OK, so at this point it definitely appears to be related to the fact that her Gmail address was also her iCloud login. The way I saw it, there were three solutions. Either she had to change her iCloud login, or use a different e-mail for calendaring, or I had to stop using iCloud calendar.


    I like iCloud despite its quirks so I didn't want to stop using it. While she might be willing to change her login because she loves me, that's not really practical because there are sure to be other people out there that have the same issue. Asking all of your friends, family, and colleagues to change their iCloud logins because you can't send them calendar invites is kind of crazy. Then I remembered that Gmail allows modifiers for e-mail addresses. You can put periods ( . ) anywhere in the address and/or  a plus symbol ( + ) at the end plus a combination of characters.


    -So if her e-mail was, and that was also her iCloud login, then I can send the calendar invite to or or and she'll get the invite.


    The trick there is that those other e-mails addresses are not, as far as Apple is concerned, her iCloud login, but they are, as far as Google is concerned, her e-mail address.

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    Thank you so much for writing this out -- you helped my husband and me immensely.

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    excellent solution BlueOrbit for getting those invites to gmail users.  I also am having an issue where I am only getting invites sent to me via email.  I have the settings correct via the website "in-app notifications."  I have to sift through my email and then manually add the event to the calendar.


    I have seen other post where users have changed their appleID to fix this problem, but since my appleID is, it cannot be changed.  Any solutions?

  • blueOrbit Level 1 Level 1



    Sorry about the late reply. I'm note sure I understand what you're trying to describe.  Are you saying that calendar invites sent to your iCloud account from people not using iCloud don't show up as a calendar invite in your iOS or Mac calendar?

  • mattopotamus11 Level 1 Level 1

    Correct. Even though I have in app notifications enabled it still comes to my email. I then have to click the attachment and add it to my calendar manually. I cannot change my Apple ID either since it is an icloud address

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    I believe what you are describing is the intended behavior. Only when another iCloud email user sends you a calendar invite will it use the Calendar app's in-app notifications. Otherwise, it'll just get sent as an email with attached calendar invite. This difference in behavior is just like you might experience with a corporate email environment with calendar invites sent from other users in your organization vs. sent from external third parties outside your business.

  • mattopotamus11 Level 1 Level 1

    oh, good to know.  It was seriously driving me insane. Thanks! 

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    Thank you! So I assume that user has to set the alias up in their gmail account. Sorry if this is a stupid questions. Any thoughts on them not getting to my companies outlook accounts, some get them and some do not. Wonder if it is the same thing.