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I'm at a complete and utter loss.



One day updated podcasts stopped syncing to my iPod Classic.  I've done everything I can think of, google searches, asking friends and can't come up with a solution.



Here's what I've tried:

-Checked my anti-virus software



-Uninstalled/Reinstalled iTunes

-Used a different USB port

-Used a different connector

-Tried different settings on iTunes, including selecting manual syncing.



I don't know if this problem is hardware vs. software.  Right now here's what's happening.  After one of the restores, I deleted all of my podcasts and resubscribed to see if that would didn't.  I can download audio and video podcasts onto iTunes, when I connect my iPod it indicates that it's syncing but my iPod states "no podcasts".  I'm not sure if perhaps the podcasts are in a different folder under My Music, but last I checked the podcasts were in the Music>Podcast folder.



I don't know if I'm missing some vital step but I'm literally losing my mind trying to figure out what's happened and would love any/all suggestions.


One other thing.  I ran the Sync Diagnostic on iTunes and it said that no iPod could be found.  This is strange because when I do my restore, all of my old music library syncs, just nothing new.

iPod classic, Windows 7
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    Connect the iPod to iTunes and look on the Device panes. It will display the Summary pane first. Switch to the Podcasts pane.


    Device/Podcasts/Sync Podcasts and select the options you want for the Podcasts. Then Sync the iPod.

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    I'm assuming this is the pane that will allow you to set the preferences for your podcasts, whether to download the newest episodes, mark an episode as unplayed, etc.


    Yes, I've done that when changing the iTunes settings, changed the preferences for the podcasts, selected sync.  This hasn't solved the problem, but thanks for the suggestion.


    Any others out there?

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    iggystar71 wrote:


    I'm assuming this is the pane that will allow you to set the preferences for your podcasts, whether to download the newest episodes, mark an episode as unplayed, etc.



    Follow the steps I mentioned before.

    iggystar71 wrote:


    I'm assuming this is the pane that will allow you to set the preferences for your podcasts, whether to download the newest episodes, mark an episode as unplayed, etc.

    ... if you're on that menu (Library/Podcasts/Settings), you would not have seen anything that allows you to


    iggystar71 wrote:


    Yes, I've done that when changing the iTunes settings, changed the preferences for the podcasts, selected sync.

    so... follow the steps I mentioned in my previous post. That is:

    - Connect the iPod to iTunes and look on the Device (your iPod). It will display the Device/Summary pane first. Switch to the Device/Podcasts pane. The Sync option is on this pane - nowhere else!


    It's a tick box marked "Sync Podcasts".


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    Those are the steps I was speaking of.


    The iPod was connected.  I looked on the Device, which displayed the Device/Summary page.  Clicked on the Podcasts pane where the Sync option is located and checked the box marked Sync Podcasts.  Sorry if I wasn't clear before, I did understand and those steps were followed previously.


    I noticed something from playing around.  I'd only been trying to download video podcasts, since that's what I watch.  I tried an audio podcast and it sync'd.  I looked for the video podcasts on my iPod in other areas, maybe I'm missing something.

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    Ah! That explains a lot, Video Podcasts are a mystery on the Classic!


    Do you get any messages when you Sync these Podcasts? Some video Podcasts will not play on the iPod Classic and therefore they don't get transferred to the iPod. However, in that situation, I would expect you to see a message telling you something like "Some Podcasts were not transferred to the iPod because they cannot be played on this iPod."


    You can't miss the message, so if you don't see it, the Podcasts must be on the iPod somewhere. However, I've noticed that video Podcasts can be almost anywhere on the iPod Classic, not sure why.


    For instance, I have video Podcasts from different providers which are all in the iTunes U section in the iTunes library - even though they are not "educational." But, on the iPod, some of them are in the iTunes U section, while others are in the Music section. And guess what? The search facility does not find items in iTunes U! I have inspected the videos in iTunes but I'm unable to see why they should be in different sections of the iPod.


    So, first of all, where are these videos in the iTunes library; Podcasts or iTunes U? This may give you a starter about where they are on the iPod and look (obviously) in the iTunes U on the iPod.


    If you can't find them in iTunes U, try looking in the Video Playlists. Note, Video Playlists is separate from Playlists, so if necessary, place Video Playlists on your Main Menu. Even then, in the Video Playlists, all is not simple. Also on my Main Menu is Videos/Movies and some of my rogue video Podcasts are in there!



    in the iTunes Library;

    • Library/iTunes U/History 106B
    • Library/iTunes U/Shulton: Old Spice (adverts)

    both in the same section, next to each other.


    Start from iPod Classic - Main Menu:

    • Videos/Movies/Shulton: Old Spice (- only)
    • Videos/Video Playlists/iTunes U/Shulton: Old Spice (- only)
    • Video Playlists/iTunes U/Shulton Old Spice (- only)
    • Playlists/iTunes U/History 106B (-only)


    Spot the difference?


    So in other words, I cannot find these Podcasts all in one place on the iPod - to put it another way - iTunes U in one section has Old Spice but not History, and iTunes U in another section has the History but not the Old Spice! I could go on, the History appears under some, but not all of the Music Menu subsections while the Old Spice is not on the Music Menu at all!


    It's mind numbing! It's one area where Apple doesn't appear to have got it right and unfortunately, I don't think that it will ever be sorted out. Often, this issue can be as a result of how the Podcast producer tags their videos, which may explain why the problem has just started. But how anyone sorts that out is beyond me too because different models of iPod act in different ways.


    So have a good look through your iPod for the missing episodes, good luck, let us know how you get on, do you find them?



    P.S. On my Videos/Music Videos menu header, the iPod states "No Videos" but when I look in there, I find two videos! ??

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    I really appreciate you taking time out to try and troubleshoot this issue for me.  You've been very comprehensive, thanks!


    No, I didn't get any messages during the sync, everything seemed to be just fine without error.


    As far as I remember (I'm at work now) the podcasts are under the general podcast section that appears on the far right side of my iTunes.   When I get home I'll have to check the iTunes U portion on iTunes, which I guess is under the main iTunes screen?  They also appear in the Podcast folder of my iTunes folder on the PC.  I don't have an iTunes U section on my iPod.  I have updated my iPod software a few times since I started having problems but there isn't anything there for such.


    I followed all of your suggestions for looking of the podcasts in different areas.  I even combed Compilations, Genres, etc. 


    I don't know if I mentioned that I was able to get some video podcasts sync'd, but certain podcasts only episodes up to mid-October!  They all stopped syncing around the same time.  It's about ten different podcasts.  What in the world is that all about? But check this out, the podcasts that won't update the current episodes are all knitting podcasts.  I would consider that educational, so I really have to check iTunes on this one.


    If I had an iTunes U section on my iPod it would make sense that those knitting video podcasts might be there.


    I just want to watch my video podcasts....


    Tell me this, if I upgrade to an iPod touch, I've heard you can just drop and drag your podcasts directly to the iPod without syncing.  I might have to do that because this is literally driving me crazy when Apple products are supposed to be "simple", right?

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    I suppose someone (Apple) might have re-classified a particular type of Podcast, and that has caused it to go elsewhere.


    But if all new episodes of a (or several different) Podcast/s are no longer going where they used to go, try contacting the Podcast's producers. After all, it's in their interests to have you listening and they should be able follow the "Podcast's trail" from the time they make it available, to it downloading to you.


    iTunes U:

              three things for you to check.

    1. In the iTunes folder, there will be another folder called iTunes U if you have downloaded any iTunes U material - even if you were not aware that it was iTunes U stuff.
    2. If you have an iTunes U folder, make sure you have the iTunes U section displayed in your iTunes. (A stage I didn't mention previously, I know.) To do this, in iTunes go to Edit/Preferences/General and under the heading "Sources" put a tick in the iTunes U box.
    3. I also haven't previously mentioned that iTunes U has its own pane and Sync options. So if you do have iTunes U material in your iTunes, you may need to check that the Sync is set as you want. This is the same steps as I first talked about, as follows:
    • Connect the iPod to iTunes and look on the Device panes. It will display the Summary pane first. Switch to the iTunes U pane.
    • Device/iTunes U>Sync iTunes U and select the options you want for the iTunes U. Then Sync the iPod.

    Remember that on the iPod Classic, iTunes U only appears under the various Playlists menus, it does not appear on the Main or Videos Menu. (But it is on Videos/Video Playlists menu!) However, it will not be present if you have no iTunes U episodes on the iPod.


    As for the iPod Touch. Ah well! It so happens that I have an iPod Touch and it is much better at handling Podcasts than the Classic. (I have, and use, both).


    The Touch displays the running time of each Podcast episode in the menu before you even begin playing it. It also shows the remaining time if you have part-listened to an episode.


    Also, I'm sure you've noticed that the Classic lists Podcasts in reverse date order and it's a pain if you want to play them in sequence. On the Touch, they are listed in correct date order and will play that way too. But I create a Playlist (it's a much improved version of the Classic's "On-The-Go Playlist") and add only the Podcast episodes that I want to listen to at that time.


    As for dragging and dropping onto the Touch - I have heard other people mention it, but I didn't think it's possible on the Touch, I've never had the need to try it. If it is possible, I wouldn't recommend it as it will cause no end of headaches if and when you need to Restore your iPod.


    One obvious darwback of the iPod Touch is its limited storage capacity compared to the Classic. That's actually why I have both; my main music is on the Classic, while now I listen to Podcasts on the Touch. Oh, and of course, the Apps are great fun and very useful too.


    If - after all this, you still can't track down these elusive video Podcasts, I don't actually know what else to suggest.

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    Hi - I have the iPod Touch and the same has happened to me.  I just noticed today that my video news podcasts (CNN, NBC, etc) were not downloading to the iPod Touch. 


    So what I did was to set up "Smart Playlists" for each show, just saying "name contains NBC" etc and then on the "Device > Podcast" page I checked the tab to have all the podcasts from these smart lists sync up. 


    Now they are no longer in the Podcast section but instead I have to hunt for them under those Playlist names.  They are also shuffled and I haven't seen how to keep them in the right order, but at least they are there.  Don't know if that will help with the Classic though. 


    Wonder why they have suddenly started to do this.  It's just in the last 2 weeks that this has occurred and it's not just one podcast but anything with a video component. 


    (Oh and yey iggystar - another knitting podcast listener / viewer here too!)

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    You've been very kind in your assistance.  Again, thanks so much for being so detailed.  I tried your additional suggestions to no avail.  I tried another restore and even deleted my entire music library just to see if a completely fresh start would do the trick.  It didn't work either.  I started getting specific warnings that the podcasts couldn't be sync'd to my iPod.  I tried four or five different video podcasts, several audiobooks, audio podcasts with the same warning.  I even tried to do the individual conversion for a few episodes of podcasts and it moved at such snail's that I didn't finish the process.  I'm done.  My iPod is virtually empty with only a podcast or two and I'm not going to spend any more time on it.


    I think it will be best for me to move on and upgrade to the Touch in a few months.  I generally use my iPod for podcasts and audiobooks so the smaller capacity will be fine for me.


    Thanks again!

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    It's about two weeks ago that I started having this problem too.  I find that completely strange. 


    Yes, I miss my knitting podcasts terribly.   Glad to see another person who likes them too.

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    I'm wondering if it has anything to do with the iCloud update.  The iPod Touch went through a massive download / restart / redo and after that the video podcasts don't sync right and also another app I have, Grocery Gadget, has developed an annoying habit of big black squares appearing over the top of the item amounts in the list.   That all happened at the same time, so maybe it's not such a co-incidence....


    Hope knitting heaven is restored soon....   - oh and news podcasts that play in the right order!  That was interesting yesterday when my smartlist played 3 news editions out of sequence.  Cain was retracting statements he hadn't made yet!

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    I have managed to resolve this very same problem today...thank you for the solution the fiend.

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    WOW, "The Fiend" you answered my question! I have spent way too long on this issue today. first I thought it was due to iTunes 11.4.

    Everything had been working fine, syncing fine to my iPod Classic. music, movies, podcasts.

    then I had trouble with one song, and so I changed the settings to manual when I syncd my iPod.

    after that it was a disaster.

    I downloaded the new 11.4.4?? I think.

    reinstalled iTunes

    deleted all my podcasts and then downloaded them again from the store

    still no luck.

    finally I was lucky enough to stumble across this post and I tried it and everything is working great!

    I don't remember in the past ever having to manually go in and click on Device/Podcasts, Device/Movies,

    Device/TV Shows.

    but in any case, it now works and you have no idea how grateful I am. - Thanks Fiend!

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