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I have had the iPhone 4S for a week or so now and everything was working fine, but all of a sudden the "Keyboard Clicks" and "Lock Sounds" have stopped working.  I have checked the sounds section of settings and both of these are set to on but the sounds still don't work.  I have also noticed that certain apps have lost their sound as well. I have tried a full restore but that didn't do anything to help as far as I can tell, does anyone know why these sound have stopped working?

iPhone 4, iOS 5
  • chriswyman Level 1 (0 points)

    The same problem is happening to mine

  • rimshaker Level 3 (515 points)

    If a hard reset doesn't fix things, get some headphones and try plugging/unplugging it a few times while playing some music.

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    I was having this same problem, and I just figured it out.  I'm new to the iPhone, and I never noticed this button before.  Check the little slider button above your volume buttons.  If it's flipped towards the back, I guess that means your phone is silenced.  Once I flipped that switch forward, I now have everything "clicking" again!


    I seriously NEVER noticed that button there!  And have NO idea how it got flipped.  Hope that's just the case for you, and it's a simple fix!   


    Wish this stuff still came with manuals, right?!?!

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    i have the same problem in my 4s 64 gig. And cannot find solution!

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    Same problem on iPhone running iOS 5.0.1. NO SOUNDS AT ALL..

    Does anyone find a solution yet?

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    Same happening here. There is no sound when I play music without headphones, indeed, there isn't volume bar. It do sound when using Siri, or when I have a call in speaker, but it don't when I've got a message or mail.


    Iphone 4S


    iOS 5.0.1

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    The same happend to my Iphone 4s today. Is there a solution to this problem?

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    Hi Guys,


    I have post eariler on another forum and I have the same problem, I have tried all the things listed here and nothing was perminant in fixing this painful iphone hating problem.... and failed.  You probably have the problem when you use youtube or your music external speaker that there is no volume bar and no sound.   I have had the same problem But I need to happily say that I now have the fix!!!!  This worked for me and I fixed it by myself so you don't need to go to apple or service centre or anything.


    Ok I like so many of you here truly believed this was as IO5 issue as it only dropped the sound on the speakers once that IO5 update came along.  I tried a bunch of reset, reboots, home clicks, lock and unlocks, to fix this and all failed.  some worked for an hour but then failed.  hours of my life that I will never get back.   but since I have learnt this is not a IO5 problem but a hardware issue! ...  and in paticualar is has to do with your bottom connection.  Your phone is thinking it is docked all the time.


    To fix the no sound problem what you need is...


    1.  a torch

    2.  a tooth brush

    3.  methalated spirits

    4. a butter knife


    Step 1.


    get your torch and shine it down the bottom connection plate to see what kind of dust, sand, hair or anything you have stuck in there.   all that need to be removed!  everything!  it might look clean but still thats ok go to step 2.


    step 2.


    Turn on your music app and put the speakers on!  If your phone is like mine it should not work.  you most probably don't even have the volume display to turn it on but its ok, just do it! and it should still play with no sound.   its important you try and run the speakers as this will show you that it is a hardware problem.


    step 3.


    Dip your tooth brush into some methated sprits.   then at your sink tap the exess metho out of your brush as you just want the brushes to be slightly damp, not soaking wet and then scrub the bottom connetiors on your iphone.  work the brush back and forward in a way that scoops the dirt out of the phone, not just pushing it side to side.


    (As you bushing you should notice the volume bar come back on or off as you scub.   This happened to me and that is how I realised I was on the right track to fixing this problem as I was doing something external that was actually controling when the volume display came on or off.   but once I cleaned it this still didn't fix the problem...)


    Step 4.


    Use the back side of a butter knife (not the sharp side) to gently slide over the connectors on the iphone.  Do this gently as you are only pushing down on the tiny metal contect bars and you should notice the volume display come on again.  slide it back and forward.  Now the area of interest is about 2/3 along the connection plate to the right.   This is the area that has the infomation sent when your iphone thinks its docked.


    This has worked for me and I have not had a problem since I did this 2 weeks ago.   I have since learnt that the new IOS 5 has activated a different part of the bottom conectors.  if you have been using dodgy connectors or unapproved apple cables (as I was)  any damage or hair and dirt on the terminal this is effecting it.  Try it.   just remember if you can do something external to your phone then there lies the problem.


    Hope this works for your phone as it did for mine. 



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    Thank you. I think you solved the problem. Once I connecteded my Iphone to my BOSE docking station, the loudspeaker started to work again.


    Anyway, I have called the european Apple service center and they agreed to replace my Iphone with a new one:-) I Hope the new phone do not have the same problem as the one I have now.


    Thanks Again

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    hi, iphone 4s last update 5.0.1 9A406

    i have the same problem (no sound when i play movies also nothing show on the screen when i press the sound adjust buttons)

    it's not a speaker problem because i recieved calls fine and i can adujst the calls sound

    i think apple should find a solution for this software problem

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    Ijust bought my iPhone 4s 2 days ago and for a whilesound turned on and off randomly it seemed.Right this moment my media sound works, video, recordings. But all app sound and other sounds in iOS 5.01 are muted.

    I tried turning sound on off etc etc, every setting under the sun. And resetting didn't work either.


    Very disappointing...


    Ibought mine in China and I bet Apple China is less likely to return it. The service level in China uis abysmal.

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    Try resetting your device by holding down both the home and lock buttons for ~10 seconds or until the device restarts, ignore the power slider.

    It worked for my 4S.

  • rahul fromchennai Level 1 (0 points)

    Try resetting your device by holding down both the home and lock buttons for ~10 seconds or until the device restarts, ignore the power slider.

    It worked for my 4S.

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