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Anyone having issues with their ringer function on the iPhone 4s?  I will get a call and then inexplicably the ringer volume will drop off completely by the second ring. The ringer at that point will remain at its lowest level, all the way to the left, until I physically go back into the settings and turn the volume back up.  I'm missing calls because I don't hear them.  Anyone??

iPhone 4S, iOS 5
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    Yes!  This is not a minor issue or little problem.  The phone is not capable of alerting you to any incoming call!

    I got my 4S on day 1. About a week ago I noticed the ringer volume setting screen was always poping up.  Thought it was just me. Now that I've noticed it the problem is as follows:  Simply with the touch of my fingers anywhere on the metal frame, the phone turns the ringer volume to 0.  It doesn't happen with every touch, but it happens more often than not.  Then when the volume is already to 0, the ringer volume graph screen overlays whatever else you're doign on your phone. 


    I fully restored the morning.  No improvement whatsoever.


    Time for new hardware.   Designed in Cali made in Yiyang



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    Me too.  Time to replace?  Has anyone called Apple?

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    Fortunately the phone acted up when I went into the apple store.  Got a new 4s.  Works like a charm :)

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    It doesn't look like you need to much to reproduce the issue...

    I can constantly reproduce it...

    all you have to do is rub (you don't even have to press) the button that is used to INCREASE (yes, increase) the volume (on it's lower part) and the phone would drop the volume all the way to mute (showing the decrease volume animation...)

    Even worse... you can rug the Up button when the phone it locked... when you unlock it, or when you receive a call, the volume would be decreased (down to mute)...

    It looks like this is more common than I thought...


    What does apple has to say about it? should i go and replace the phone?

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    Yes, went to Apple Store and they replaced the phone no questions asked.  That's at least good service on a faulty problem. 

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    Oh, I see. not only i'm having this problem

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    I have this problem a long with others. The same week I purchased my new iPhone 4s, my vibrate wouldn't work (yes, I checked the settings), and then shortly after that I noticed my phone wouldn't ring all of the time nor would my text alerts go off.  Then after about a month or so, my phone stopped playing audio unless it's through Bluetooth in my car (but not all of the time). It almost didn't ring for about a month, but then out of nowhere it started back. Now it w

    Has been ringing, but after the first ring it sounds like it kind of breaks up. It won't play music at all unless I have headphones, and like I said, play it through my Bluetooth... But it won't automatically play through my Bluetooth. Now I have to press audio. It's very strange. I'm pretty upset because my iPhone 3G had audio problems too. I also haven't been able to connect to my iTunes for about a year now. It won't let me uninstall it and reinstall it on either one of my computers like apple told me to. I'm getting super frustrated with apple, and I've been pro-apple for years 2 iMacs,5+ iPhones, and an iPad). I'm starting to get disappointed!

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    My 4s ringer was silent and acting up. I went into sounds settings and turned off the "change with buttons" switch. It Seems to be fixed but I lost my quick adjust ringer buttons on the side. Mine was dropped in a shallow puddle of water a month ago.