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My son is having problems using iMessages on his ipod touch.  Actually, it was working fine until recently.  He activated it using Apple ID and validated it.  He has been sending and receiving messages without a drama until the past couple of days.  All of a sudden he can no longer send or receive them.  When you click on the iMessage icon, it comes up with the "get started" screen and asks for his password.  We put in the password (which is correct), it goes to the next screen where the correct email address appears and then it returns to  the previous Apple ID screen.  It doesn't give any validation or other error messages.  It does the same thing if we try to access it fromt he settings menu.  Anyone know how to fix this???

iPod touch, iOS 5
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    Weird... try going to Settings and go to Messages then check if you enabled the iMessages section. You may got the settings wrong.

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    When I go into Settings and messages, all I see is the same screen to sign into and activate iMessages-there are no other options.  My son's email address appears correct here too, but the password is blanked.  We put in the correct password, click sign in, get to the next screen and it bounces back to the beginning again-no error messages.