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  • oscarmel Level 1 (0 points)

    I got caught up in all this as well trying to get a keynote presentation from my Mac to sync to my iPad.

    What I've figured out is this:

    - keynote on Mac sycs to something called iWork Beta

    - my iPad tries to get files from iCloud under the iWork tab

    - these are two toally separate things!

    - there seems to be no way to get these two services, both called "iWork" to talk to each other

    - the only way to get files from keynote on Mac to iPad via iCloud etc is to open iCloud in your browser, manually upload and then it will work.

    This is crazy!

    Why does Apple have this function built into both apps but they sync to different places?!

  • orrgroup Level 1 (0 points)

    I think there are two trends going on and iWork beta tries to catch one of them, which is online office software.  The other trend is the whole cloud trend where data is stored in a cloud and synced between multiple devices. iCloud tries to catch that trend, at first using mostly only the iOS devices.  It is no doubt that the developers at Apple will merge the two once they get the kinks out. 

  • iSonicPhoton Level 1 (0 points)

    I have a follow-up question to the first post.


    So essentially as my current understanding is, and are two separate entities, with iCloud for syncing iOS photos, calendars, mail and notes. And iWork for sharing iWork files with others.


    Is this all correct?


    Then, if I were to start a Pages document on a Mac then I would not be able to sync it to iCloud so that Pages on my iPad could continue from where I left of? And same for the iWork applications?


    However, it should work if you go from iPad to Mac, right?

  • S_Joynson Level 1 (0 points)

    Thank you so much for this tip. I have wasted a whole morning trying to get a presentation I created on a Desktop onto the IPad. It has now been done - at last!

  • Mark Rushton1 Level 1 (40 points)

    If Apple EVER gets around to updating iWork - now THREE years since it was released - the iPad-iCloud-Mac synch of documents should get sorted out.

    But man, am I tired of waiting... 

  • eggimage Level 1 (15 points)

    I'm really hoping iwork gets updated soon too

    all the syncing and stuff is just annoying at this point

    and why is separated from icloud when the two services should be integrated

  • Les Paul Level 1 (0 points)

    To move Keynote, Pages or Numbers documents from your Mac to your iOS device using iCloud:

    1. Create/Save a document on your Mac (Example: a Keynote presentation).
    2. Open Safari, browse to and log in with your appleID
    3. From the iCloud landing page, select the 'iWork' button (far right).
    4. On the iWork landing page, select the Keynote button at top of page. Now you might be seeing the presentations from your iOS device: if so, it means you've enabled iCloud settings on your iOS device and you can skip step 7 below. You can download a presentation on your Mac from here to continue editing it.
    5. From the far right end of the top toolbar, click the Settings icon and choose 'Upload Presentation'.
    6. In the resulting dialog box, locate your presentation on your Mac and upload it.
    7. Once it appears in the iCloud webpage it will also be available on your iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch (provided you've enabled iCloud in the settings of each device. To prep your iOS device:
      1. Settings> iCloud > 'Documents & Data - On' > on
      2. Settings > Keynote > 'Use iCloud' > on
      3. Settings > Pages > 'Use iCloud' > on
      4. Settings > Numbers > 'Use iCloud' > on
    8. Find your iCloud upload in iOS Keynote app, along with other documents you've created on that device.


    You can repeat the steps above for Pages and Numbers documents as well.


    Did I miss anything? Hope that helps.

  • chipkay Level 1 (0 points)

    This debacle had me stumped, too.  I had iCloud enabled correctly from end to end (Mac tp iOS devices) but still had no luck getting anything to transfer.  If you have tried everything else, give this last little tidbit a whirl:


    The answer to my roadblock was a setting in Settings>Store.


    It seems as though if you don't have "Automatic Downloads" enabled (Music and/or Apps) iCloud won't sync the "disabled" device. My guess is that this is because iTunes is the required conduit to jockey documents to iCloud, and not having Auto Downloads set to "on" for the recipient device is a surefire way to zero positive results.


    If you've tried everything else with no luck, give this last setting a try as I did. It may just work for you, too...

  • srqwebguy1 Level 1 (0 points)

    This stinks. I have used Keynote on iPad, and it works great with iCloud. I just wasted my money purchasing Keynote for Mac, and can't even upload my presentation via the upload link in iCloud iWorks. Can't find the file. It opens in Keynote on the Mac, but does not show anywhere. Can't search for it by filename - anything. I am a relative Mac newbie, but a lifelong mac user in my office couldn't find the file either. I thought Apple stuff was supposed to be seamless.


    Total waste of time. I'll have to use PowerPoint on my PC, since at least I can find the **** file!

  • schieving Level 1 (0 points)

    srqwebguy1, you are not alone. I'm a mac veteran since 1994-95 (back in the day of System 6 and 7) and I'm also a long time itools, .mac and .me user and have been using Apples version of Webdav from the beginning. I have just spent the better part of 6 hours rolling my .mac/.me accounts to the "iCloud" and in my NOT SO HUMBLE opinion, Apple had totally Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition 'd this icloud thing. Not only have they messed up the sync between apps and etc. but they have totally given up on 2 of their most elegant and seamless solutions, Namely the entire iDisk concept and keychain syncing. Now I have to rely on 3rd party apps that are Clunky at BEST! to keep my 4 machines at work and at home in sync with my most important stuff. this has been a total nightmare!


    I'm deeply saddened by this whole thing and feel like this is totally not the apple brand. Apple if you are listening, you really need to get this iWork beta/iWork/iCloud thing sorted out or you will lose some of most ardent customers and fans.


    This is a sad time for the apple community.



  • spyder2004 Level 1 (5 points)

    So I have Keynote/pages/numbers 09 on my desktops when I upgraded to Icloud and I go to the iwork section, I see no gear just a choices to learn more about or buy??


    I am correct in that my current versions will work yes?


    Anyone who knows the simple thing I am missing here I would be grateful for any help



  • Luke Christian Level 1 (25 points)

    iCloud is, I agree, deeply disappointing. Almost as disappointing as MobileMe was and it is woefully humiliated by the excellence of Dropbox for sheer seamless functionality. My advice for Keynote users is to open a Dropbox account and use the dropbox app to access files on the iPad or iPhone (refreshingly straightforward) while storing it in your Dropbox folder on your Mac. Whatever changes you make on either device will be stored and instantly synced by Dropbox and you will avoid Apple's cumbersome interface.

    Incidentally, if anyone without a Dropbox account wants to open one and get an additional 250MB free storage space they can use this link (which also give me the same benefit!). Try it. It's everything the Apple product ought to be.

  • spyder2004 Level 1 (5 points)

    So far yes I agree


    I just transfered from mobileme. Happy enough with calendar and address book syncs and at least for now I still have my idisk. Already did the dropbox and its pretty smooth and no hassle for documents. Really impressive.


    I just figured I would test out this new iwork area. I got chat help from apple support and the very nice person on the other end was as flumoxed as I was. Getting super help currenlt and should hear back 24-48 to see why what should be a simple exercise is not so simple.


    Oh well growing pains I guess.


    I do like photostream though nice to shoot pics and just have them on the computer when you get home.


    baby steps

  • awesomesauce52 Level 1 (10 points)

    When I sign in to, and go to the iWork tab, it wants me to buy iWork for iOS. Do you have to buy the iOS version of the software, or is there a loophole for just uploading a document, and then downloading it to another computer? I am looking to see if I can use as a replacement for, since they are closing that down.




  • spyder2004 Level 1 (5 points)

    You will not like the answer.


    It is no you must by iwork for iOS for any of the programs to use iwork. I too find this maddening and actually talked to numerous apple people who really could not provide a straight answer for why.


    I mostly used my idisk for sharing documents but I did use iwork some. my suggestion is you get dropbox


    it is free to sign up and works far better than the idisk ever did. you can share folders and it works well. it even has a free phone app not that I savor working on a phone for anymore than email.


    even if you buy keynote for the iOS it will only allow for iwork on that application. you would have to by numbers and pages for those to work.


    Just a cheap ploy to get people spend an extra 30 bucks.


    Just ignore the icon and stick with dropbox