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I have 15GB of storage on iCloud, my total storage space used by backups is 1.1GB, but iCloud says I've used 5.5GB of my space already.  How can I "clear out" or reset the iCloud storage meter?


A bit of history


I have backed up both my iPad and iPhone to iCloud, but not without problems.  I have over 9GB of photos on my iPhone but I cannot seem to get iCloud to back up all those images.  I was able to backup everything else on the phone, but every time I try to backup the images, iCloud says my backup has failed.  So I told it not to backup the photos and in doing so confirmed that I wanted iCloud to delete the backup in iCloud. That was yesterday. Today it still shows that I am using more space than I should be.  Once I clear out this old backup I hope to try and backup my photos again


Here is a pic of the iphone icloud status:



Solved by Wayan_V on Nov 2, 2011 3:13 AM Solved
So the answer is: iCloud only backs up the last 30 days or 1,000 photos - even if you pay for more GB of storage? This is a ridiculous restriction, especially when Apple is charging $2/year per GB of storage. If I am paying for extra storage, I should be able to backup everything on my iPhone or iPad, for as long as I want to the limit of my purchased GB amount. That is the whole point of a backup service - to back up all your files. Here I thought iCloud was a virtual Time Machine for iOS devices. Sadly, its not. I will be asking for a refund for the extra iCloud storage I purchased and not be turning on Photo Stream nor using iCloud for any files that matter until iCloud becomes a real cloud storage service.