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I had an iPhone 4 enrolled using profile manager on Lion Server, no problem. Push notifications were working, all was good.


Then I bought an iPhone 4S, and took the micro-SIM card out of the iPhone 4, and stuck it into the iPhone 4S, and tried to enroll the iPhone 4S. I'm getting errors on the console:


ProfileManager[462]: ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid (PGError: ERROR:  duplicate key value violates unique constraint "devices_ICCID_key"

          DETAIL:  Key ("ICCID")=(8930 2720 4010 2940 1034) already exists.


and the device shows up as "new device" and the push notifications just hang, it won't get enrolled.


I did de-enroll the old one first before trying to enroll the new one...


any ideas? this kind of *****

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