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So my friend and I just upgraded our iPhone 4's to iOS5. And iMessage appeared to be working correctly at first.


When I went to his old SMS conversation, and replied to him, it showed up as a blue bubble. He then could reply back. All worked great.


Thsi morning I received an iMessage from him but it came through on a different conversation. HE claims that he replied back to the original conversation, but now on my phone, I have two different Message chains from him. The first, original one, says its from his phone number, the second, new one says its from his email.


He says he did nothing differently.


How do I combine the same contact stuff into one view?

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    Under Messages in Settings, under iMessage, does it say "Receive at 2 addresses?" One should be your phone number and one should be your email address. It should work correctly if these settings ae in place, but let me now if it doesn't work

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    Yes, the settings in Messages says "Receive at 2 Addresses" and then if I expand that, it correctly has my Apple ID at the top, then it says "You can be reached for messages at:" and lists my phone number (greyed out) and my apple ID email address. Then there is a caller ID section that has my phone number selected, not my email address.


    I also have an iPad that is obviously only connected to my email address.