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I have cleaned up my contact list on the iMac becuase it's so much simpler than doing it on the iphone.  How am I sure it will override what is on my iphone.  Things seem so convoluted with icloud... anything but seamless!  It is my 3rd attempt to clean up and start with a new slate.  I'm hesitant to activate my icloud on the phone since I've been having so many issues! 

Moving forward, any contact I add on my iphone will be added to the Mac through I cloud as long as I have it plugged in w/ wifi?  What should and should NOT be selected in itunes?  And what setting should icloud have on my iphone?

What is the BEST way to keep my settings from my husbands settings?  Can I keep the same user/pass for itunes?  Why isn't it as logical as it shoudl be in my head.  Shouldn't itunes recognize the personalization settings of each seperate device when plugged in?   Sooooo frusterating!  I am continue to see his apps on my ipad, and iphone.  So frustrating! 

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