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I do understand that most people will not have the time or will not bother reading through all the advice given in the massive battery problem thread. So I just want to repeat my experience here and I hope it will help someone.






Ok, my 4S is now working completely as expected.

I'm not sure which step did it in the end, so I'll just repeat my experience.




I did the 'recovery mode' restore first (google for 'iphone boot recovery mode'  to learn how to do this). After which I started from scratch (using a 4S backup should work as well) and disabled the often mentioned notifications (disable calendar) and location services (disable time zone) that seem to cause trouble.


After that I did a full discharge and charge of the phone.


That made a huge difference. The phone still discharged too quickly but it was A LOT better than before, especially when actually using it (as opposed to it being on standby during the night)




And this is where the magic probably happened.


I did a 'restore settings' (which doesn't wipe the phone: General > Reset > Reset All Settings), disabled the usual notifications and location services again (see above).


I then used 'Battery Doctor Pro' to do a charge with trickle charge.


Went to bed, phone 100%.

Woke up, phone 98%


4hrs later with moderate use (email, texting) but lot's of driving (so network searching)

Phone 93%




Latest update:


I did my second trickle charge yesterday evening. Went to bed (battery 100%) woke up in the morning with the battery still showing 100%


8hrs later with fairly heavy use (emails, calls, text) and mast jumping (driving), notifications, Siri and location services switched ON.

Battery 80%

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