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I do understand that most people will not have the time or will not bother reading through all the advice given in the massive battery problem thread. So I just want to repeat my experience here and I hope it will help someone.






Ok, my 4S is now working completely as expected.

I'm not sure which step did it in the end, so I'll just repeat my experience.




I did the 'recovery mode' restore first (google for 'iphone boot recovery mode'  to learn how to do this). After which I started from scratch (using a 4S backup should work as well) and disabled the often mentioned notifications (disable calendar) and location services (disable time zone) that seem to cause trouble.


After that I did a full discharge and charge of the phone.


That made a huge difference. The phone still discharged too quickly but it was A LOT better than before, especially when actually using it (as opposed to it being on standby during the night)




And this is where the magic probably happened.


I did a 'restore settings' (which doesn't wipe the phone: General > Reset > Reset All Settings), disabled the usual notifications and location services again (see above).


I then used 'Battery Doctor Pro' to do a charge with trickle charge.


Went to bed, phone 100%.

Woke up, phone 98%


4hrs later with moderate use (email, texting) but lot's of driving (so network searching)

Phone 93%




Latest update:


I did my second trickle charge yesterday evening. Went to bed (battery 100%) woke up in the morning with the battery still showing 100%


8hrs later with fairly heavy use (emails, calls, text) and mast jumping (driving), notifications, Siri and location services switched ON.

Battery 80%

  • Monty1945 Level 3 (690 points)



    I never had a battery problem, but the results and stats you mention are pretty much what I have gotten all along. I have nothing shut off to speak of, as it's pretty much at the default settings. I didn't do a restore from backup, but instead started from scratch, and synced from the cloud.


    The other stuff went on manually, and I saved no texts messages, or anything else from the old iPhone. Personally, I can't see putting old stuff back on a new phone. I also checked to see which apps would not work before I installed them.


    It works very well, and I get the advertised run times. Siri works a treat.





  • ycooreman Level 1 (0 points)

    BTW, any iphone app that help do a trickle charge will do for the above instructions.

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    I've done the part: FIRST ATTEMPT , at 4PM, now it's 8PM and I've all the evening trying to waste the battery, it was in 50% and I'm trying to get 20% to do the second part. I've been listening podcast with the speaker, surfing the net, playing games, facebook, twitter... and the battery seems to be better!

    It's soon to say it, but I think my battery is normal now. I'll do the second part and I'll tell you!

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    Can you guys post some usage hours rather than saying I used the iPhone "intensely"?


    Go to Settings->General->Usage->(scrool to bottom)->Time since last full charge:


    Post your current percentage, and how many hours of usage/standby it shows.


    Here is mines:

         Do you think this is normal:


         Usage 3hr,30min

         Standby 15hours,24min

    This is without  3G, just WIFI, and normal cell connection. Haven't made a call, or SMS.



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    Time since last full charge: 20h 24m

    Battery: 70%


    WiFi, 3G, emails, messages, internet, lot's of audio, twitter, google+

    Lot's of standby over night as well.



    Your numbers are not normal, no.

  • xconfusingboyx Level 1 (0 points)

    ycooreman, do you have PUSH on?

  • ycooreman Level 1 (0 points)

    Not at the moment. I only switch it on when working (it annoys the **** out of me at home).

    But it was switched on for a few hours earlier today, yes.


    I have a personal IMAP account, one GMail and an Exchange account.

  • ycooreman Level 1 (0 points)

    Would love to hear from other people who's tried this.

    Did it work for you?

  • xconfusingboyx Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm still charging it with Battery Doctor Pro, It will be full in 15 minutes. So, then I'll know if it has worked or not. But for the moment, only with the restore in recovery mode, i think the battery has improved. Or at least is what I hope.

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    I've noticed the battery problem so here I am trying to fix it. Gonna try your fix but thought I'd give you my stats thus far since I just finished charging my phone.

    95% battery life

    33 min usage

    40 standby

  • xconfusingboyx Level 1 (0 points)

    wow! this is awesome, it's soon to say nothing but...


    Usage 30min

    Standby 30min


    and 100% battery.


    You can say "this is normal", well...5 hours ago, this was impossible! because my battery never reached 100%, and 3 minutes after disconnect it, it always drop 4-5%!!!

    I'll inform you tomorrow but I think this is really good!

  • ycooreman Level 1 (0 points)


    I'm glad it worked for you too.


    And from the looks of it, we'll have an official fix in a few weeks too.

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    Better than it was....


    New 4s and have done the following:


    Restored once. Drained until dead twice.


    Have location services on for maps, reminders, Siri & weather.

    All location services>system services off except mobile network search.

    iCloud & Gmail email accounts both set to fetch every 30 minutes.

    Using reminders for diary and calendar events in notifications.


    Went to bed last night with phone at 100% charge - 0 minutes usage and 0 minutes stand by.


    Now this morning after using Siri for three instructions, receiving 15 emails and making a call for about 10-15 minutes, this is what I now have:


    81% battery left

    Usage 2 hours 51 minutes

    Stand by now 13 hours 4 minutes


    Not bad but it could still be better, so hopefully an update from Apple will correct things fully.

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