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I've just upgraded to iLife '06. When I try to import from iPhoto to iMovie some of the pictures take on a red tint, as if a red filter is applied. Initially I thought it was just the B&W photos but now I've noticed it with some color photos too. The pictures are fine in iPhoto. The only commonality I can see is that the pictures are scanned but not all scanned pictures do it. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? I saw one post about clips taking on some interesting hues and the writer said the problem went away.

Incidentally, I cleaned my Caches file thinking there might be some remanent from iLife '05 but that didn't help.


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    Welcome to the discussions.

    I thought (hoped?) this bug would be fixed, but maybe it isn't:
    iMovie: Adding effects to a clip with titles may make it become gray or tinted
    Contrary to what the article says, the title does NOT have to be in the same clip.
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    Thanks for replying Lennart, but the problem I'm having is with still photos being imported from iPhoto, not video clips. There are no transitions or titles involved. I was simply importing some photos and planned to go back to add transitions.

    I thought about it while at work today and realized that the photos I was trying to add to the timeline were 1) all scanned, and 2) possibly bitmap format. So I started playing with it again when I got home. Sure enough, the bitmap photos import with a red filter look, jpegs do not. To verify this premise even more I duplicated a bitmap photo and then converted it to jpeg. Sure enough, the red filter appears when I import the bitmap image but not on the jpeg.

    Why? Beats me. Maybe some of the more technical folk have an explanation. Thankfully I don't have that many bitmap images and I will simply convert those that are.

    One more note, out of curiosity I decided to try importing a still RAW photo to an iMovie. The image shows beautifully in iMovie but in the timeline in shows as a black frame. I wouldn't ordinarily import a RAW image, I was just curious.

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    I've just had this issue today. To get around it I scanned all my photos into a folder, imported to iPhoto, edited the photos, saved and exported as jpg's to the desktop. I then opened iMovie and imported them into clips.

    iMovie imported but would not render them - it locked up iMovie and the iMac, I did a forced shutdown, restarted, opened iMovie and imorted again, this time they rendered and no red tint.

    Still no answer to the orginal problem but a solution at least.
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    Solution: Scanned photos cannot be *.bmp, better to save them as .jpg - no issue with importing to iMovie then.
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    I don't know if I'd call it a "solution", but it is definitly a "workaround".

    Also this only happens to bmp's if iMovie needs to do any rendering on them. Such as when you add the Ken Burns effect. If you just do a clip it will not have the red shift.
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    Also this only happens to bmp's if iMovie needs to do
    any rendering on them. Such as when you add the Ken
    Burns effect. If you just do a clip it will not have
    the red shift.

    Good catch, Allyn. It happens here too. I opened a JPEG in Preview, saved it as a BMP, then imported it to iMovie. It turns red when imported with the Ken Burns checkbox turned ON. No red shift with the checkbox OFF.

    The JPEG imports fine either way.

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    Interesting point about the rendering, Allyn. Thanks. I've converted just about all the bmp filed that I have to jpeg so the problem has lessened. The latest little blip is a white flash that appears in some photos just before a transition. Haven't figured out that one yet but did find a work-around. I wish that I hadn't jumped to iLife '06 so quickly. This weekend I spent hours trying to accomplish the most basic of tasks in iMovie. All the problems revolve around import and working with still photos. I've been trying to complete a project on my late husband for a conference that is being held in his honor and I have longed for iMovie 05. I've learned my lesson.
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    No one can seem to answer this for me...
    I have been trying to import JPGS from iPhoto into iMovie--every time I get the red tint. It doesn't matter whether Ken Burns is on or not. They are JPGs in iPhoto, the files have never been BMP. Just to make sure, I save it again in another location as JPG again and import to iMovie. Same problem. Red tint. I know there is a bug and it does this with bmps--but I'm using .jpg photos while not applying K Burns effect! AUGH! Anyone have a way around this?
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    As mentioned above, imovie can have a red tint if the photos imported are .BMP files.

    iMovie HD 6: Red tint on imported photos

    Are you using imovie 6?