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Current setup

- Dell Destop running Windows XP SP3

- iTunes 10.5 as of 11/02/2011

- iPad 2 iOS 5.0 as of 11/02/2011


I recently got the error message iTunes cannot sync apps to iPad "ipadName" because the apps installed on the iPad could not be determined.  I had already upgrade the iPad to iOS 5.0 several weeks ago and had no issues.  I had also sync'f many many times in the past with no issues.


I was able to sync on Sunday and then "All of a sudden", I could not sync on Monday.  Tried closing out all my apps on the iPad, that didn't help.  Tried restarted my desktop and the iPad and then sync, that didn't help.  Tried logging into my AppleID account via iTunes and iPad to see if that would clear up anything in the background, that didn't help.  I also couldn't really find anything on the web that helped.


Come Monday, I decided to just delete the apps from iPad manually and go about it that way.  When I tried to delete the app, it did not give me the (x) option to delete. Weird?  Did a quick search online and someone suggested that the Restriction to delete apps was OFF.  DING, DING, that was it.  Checked my settings and sure nough, I had made that change late on Sunday.  Enabled the ability to delte my apps and was able to delete my apps.  Then I thought, would this also fix my sync issue?


Crossed my fingers and attempted to sync my iPad in iTunes and like Emeril Says "Bam"!  I was able to sync my iPad once again without having to reset my iPad, etc. 


I hope this helps many of you save several hours.  I also think that Apple should add additional verbage to that message such as check that you are not restricting the deletion of apps or something like that.

iPad 2, iOS 5
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    Cool, than you should tick it as correct answer, that also other will know!

  • MenesesInc Level 1 (0 points)


  • wollf Level 1 (0 points)

    Same problem, and your solution worked perfectly (had to restart the iPad).

    thanks a lot!

  • mammamine Level 1 (0 points)

    Where is the settings section? I have an Iphone 3GS. I keep getting the same message, although I switched my Iphone and computer several times. Please help!

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    I'm afraid this is not the issue for me. I do get the "X"s in the corners and can delete apps, but I still see exactly the same "installed apps cannot be determined" error, like many others.

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    I have this issue, and I have a 3G.

    I have no restrictions and I can delete apps. I am frustrated because I can't sync my iPhone at all. All I was really trying to do is sync my music and it won't even do that!


    Please help me out.

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    I have the same problem and I think one of us needs to create a new Discussion. Even though the topic is the same readers see this one as solved so they're probably not even seeing our posts.


    I'm in hospital with something urgent. If you could make the discussion I'll add to it when I'm able.

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    Based on an online post, I tried the following and it worked for me:
    1. Windows 7: Control panel > Device Manager
    2. Right click my PC's name > "scan for hardware changes"
    3. Restart iTunes
    4. Restart IPad
    5. Connect IPad
    6. Still I got the same error
    7. Restart iTunes
    8. Restart IPad

    9. Connect IPad
    10. It worked and I was able to sync the apps!!


    Prior to this I had removed few apps, not sure that was a trigger.


    System: IPad 1, IOS 5.x

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    Trying to extrapolate for a Mac the equivalent of Device Manager. Probably Software Update. At the highest level of Snow Leopard and iOS 4.2 I'm still shutout.

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    I just resolved this problem on my iTouch by deleting the last few apps I had downloaded directly to it since last sync. One of them was a browser that claimed to be able to load flash video.  Never worked, so no loss there!  So check your latest apps, delete any recent sketchy ones, then reboot the device. Worked for me. Good luck.

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    This sounds right, confirms an intuition I had at the time. Trouble is, it's been months since I last tried so it will be hard to recall the apps. By now I have all manner of workarounds in place, too.

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    copy paste your apps from itunes and save it in your PC.

    boot your iPhone by pressing the home and the lock button simultaneously .... hold it for a moment until the apple logo kicks in....when the iPhone restarts...connect it with itunes and delete all the apps....sync it....then select all the apps from your PC and drag drop it on the apps menu in itunes....sync worked for me. hope it'll help

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    Very simple solution: update the outdated apps on your iphone/ipad and this message will disappear

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    This is what my problem was...Thank you, Trevisparky! ^^

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