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I have just upgraded my software to the latest and due to having a broken Macbook I have had to rebuild my itunes library on my PC.  Having deleted and restored the phone I am trying to copy about 1700+ songs back onto the phone.  However I cannot seem to stop the phone or itunes wanting to do this with a wifi sync.  The phone is connected to the PC so why is it trying to sync about 10GB worth of data over wifi?

Does anybody know how to stop the phone syncing over wifi when it is physicaly connected to the computer.  I have tried manualy turning wifi off but it still seems to be doing it.

iPhone 4, iOS 5
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    you can turn off wifi sync in itunes settings

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    Thanks, but not a useful answer. I'm trying to do the same, and don't see anything in preferences. Can you be more specific about the menu path?

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    Connect your phone using the USB cable to your computer and let ITunes launch make sure the Summary Page is visible if not click on the Summary button at the top of the iTunes window.


    Scroll down to the Options Panel.

    Screen Shot sync button.jpg

    De select the Sync this iPhone over Wi-FI option.

    In the bottom right hand corner the Sync button disappears and is replaced with two differing radio buttons,one is Apply and the other Revert.

    Screen Shot Apply-Revert Button.jpg

    Click Apply and over WI-FI Syncing is off. - This step is the important bit as simply removing the tick is not sufficient.