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    I have the original iPad. Ever since I upgraded to iOS 5, the Other category grows and grows and seems much larger than it should (I didnt notice this before I upgraded). Sometimes it will shrink back down to a normal size after a sync but not that often. The only suggestion I have found is to restore but I cant do a restore every few days to fix a problem. Now my iPhone is starting to do it too, it doesn't seem to have any rhyme or reason to it. For example, I just had 1.33 GB of other on my iPad. I de-selected sync music and movies, (effectively wiping out my media) and after I synced my Movies and Music were gone but my Other category shot up to 2.9 GB. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

iPhone 4, Windows 7, Dell 1764 laptop, Core i5, 8GB RAM
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    I too have this problem. It's been happening for years now.


    For some reason, earlier around iOs3 I believe, you could unplug your idevice at the back up stage of syncing and that would lower and fix the "other files" problem.


    Since iOs4, you haven't been able to do that. It is SO annoying!


    I am now up to 1.25 G of "other files" and I wish I could get rid of them so I could use the memory for videos!


    I wish someone would fix it but I guess we're outta luck.


    Restoring used to work as well, I did that last night, it didn't help any longer.

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    I think I figured it out. The other files grows when I delete videos from within the iPad instead of letting a sync delete videos I am done with. Its almost as if they dont delete everything. But when I see that other file getting big I simply power off my iPad and then power it back on and that space is cleared up.

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    Im also struggling with a 2.8Gb section of "Other" taking up space on my 16Gb iPad2. (running 5.0.1)

    I have just synced it but the section did not change, not even after powering my iPad off and on again. What gives? Super annoying.

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    Solved it!

    I decided to take things to the next level and "Restore". That fixed the issue. "Other is now 0.29Gb! Down from 2.9!