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I have an electric guitar which I plug into the ipod(4g) headphone jack. I turned the monitor on in the input menu, but no sound comes out of the ipod speaker when I play. It records the guitar, but I can only hear it during playback. How do I hear a live guitar signal in this situation?

iPod touch, iOS 4.3.3
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    I believe you need one of the input devices (iRig; Ampkit Link; Apogee etc) to do this.

    Someone will no doubt correct me if I am wrong


    The interface connects to iPhone/iPad/iPod touch via 1/8-inch cable, automatically detected by iOS & has 1/4-inch mono input jack for electric guitar, bass, and line level signal sources and a 1/8-inch stereo output jack for connecting headphones, powered speaker, or PA system


    Good news is that they can be bought relatively cheaply and will work with ipad and a number of applications such as Amplitube, GuitarToolkit and Ampkit...

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    Okay, but why Apple does not say? It just says to connect the guitar to the jack.

    What you say may be true but it does not seem a detail implied.

    Would suffice to say "connect your guitar with a special connector."

    I think there should be a different solution.

    If this were so, that we need a connector as IRIG, it would be annoying because even here: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS3698 not give the irig or similar solution but two tricks really unnecessary

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    Is this true ?? Surely you don't have to pay another £20 for an I rig to actually hear your guitar when the app is supposed to have a monitor ?

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    When you plug something into the headphone jack, the speakers are THEN muted. Thus you can't hear out the speakers, it thinks you have headphones plugged in. With a devices such as Apogee or iRig, which I have, it provides a place to plug headpones in. I hear no sound out the speakers when I have ANYTHING plugged into the headphone jack. SO it makes since to me that you would't hear anything, the ipod thinks its headphones.


    May I ask HOW you have your guitar plugged into the ipod? Via a regular guitar cable, then plugged into some short of  adaptor for mini headphone jack?