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Bought a new Numeric wired keyboard and when I plug in a anything into the usb drive it gives me the message that "A USB device needs more power." I am using it with my imac mac OS X version 10.6.8. I have the same computer and key board at home and it works just fine. Any help someone can give me would be great.


iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
  • WALTER-MILANO-ITALY Level 4 (2,182 points)

    Press Option-Command-P-R until you hear two beeps

    This resets NVRAM.

    May be it will support more power.

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    Not getting any beeps, just the print screen comes up

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    Sorry I was not really clear.

    Disconnect your mac from power for at least 1-2 minutes. Remove the plug.


    Than while starting it again press all 4 key toghther untill the 2 beeps.

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    Not sure if resetting the PRAM will actually work but worth the try since it doesn't cost anything and it's about the only thing you can do other than replacing the keyboard or doing some more detailed trouble shooting.


    From what you are saying you are plugging in a USB hard drive or memory stick into the extra USB slot on your new keyboard and getting this error? This is pretty common since there usually isn't enough power on that plug for anything other than a mouse or low power usb stick.


    Are you plugging in the exact same thing to your working iMac at home? If yes then I would take this new keyboard home and see if it causes the same issue at home. If not then something might have changed in the manufacture of this new keyboard.


    Btw this forum is for older pre iMacs.

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    I had been trying a 4 gb sticks, I found a 2 gb and tried it and it seems to work just fine.  So that most be what the issue is. Out of curiosity I am going to try the 4 gb at home.  I thank you both for your time and help.


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    Suggest you buy an AC powered (power adapter) USB hub. Then you won't get the low USB power message. You can get a hub at most computer/on-line stores for $10-20. The hub plugs into you Mac's USB port and provides 3 or more powered USB ports.


     Cheers, Tom