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I own a MacBook Pro 10.7.2 from July 2011 and an Airport Express. I am trying to get my printer: Brother 2270dw wireless to connect to my Airport.


All the printer drivers are fully updated.


When I connect my MBP to the printer with a USB-cable, then it easily prints.


But I am unable to connect it wirelessly to my Airport. Can anyone help me?

Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    Same printer, same problem and a solution ...


    Check here --> https://discussions.apple.com/message/16574739#16574739




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    This can be done much less painfully using the Airport and printer's built-in support for Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) with a PIN.


    Here are the steps that worked for me. I like this method because it does not require any wires, does not require running any (possibly buggy) Brother software on your Mac, and indeed does not even require a Mac.


    What is WPS, by the way? WPS is basically a system where you tell the printer to look for the router (the printer tells you a PIN code it will use to identify itself), then you tell the router to wait for the printer (and you tell the router what PIN the printer will use), and then when they find each other the printer configures itself to connect to your router, without you ever needing to manually enter your network name, network password, etc.. This is easier than it sounds.


    First, tell your printer to announce itself:

    1. Make sure the printer is turned on, is in its ready state (green light by Ready on the top), and is close enough to your router that they can communicate.
    2. Using a pen, press the wireless setup button on the back of the printer and hold it pressed for over three seconds. The wireless setup button is the one in the tiny indentation, with a picture of a pen next to it.
    3. The printer will print out a sheet of page titled "Wi-Fi Protected Setup", with a PIN code number. Keep this page.


    Next, tell your Airport Express/Extreme to look for the printer:

    1. If you're on iOS, run the Airport Utility app (available free on the App Store), select your router, do "Enter Password" to configure it, then go Edit / Advanced / Add WPS Printer / With PIN, and type in the PIN number your printer produced.
    2. If you're on a Mac or Windows, run the Airport Utility app, select your router, do "Edit", then on the menubar do "Base Station / Add WPS Printer / PIN" and type in the PIN number your printer produced.
    3. Now wait for your printer and router to find each other. If there are many other routers in this environment, then this may take a couple minutes. When they find each other, the Airport Utility app will tell you so.


    Finally, tell your Mac to add the new new printer on the network to its list of configured printers:

    1. On your Mac, go "System Preferences / Print & Scan", then click the "+" button on the bottom of the left pane.
    2. You should see the printer "Brother HL-2270DW series" printer displayed in the list of Nearby Printers. Select it.
    3. On a Mac, OS X will automatically go to Apple's servers to download and install any printer drivers you need. I don't know the workflow on Windows.




    My steps for the printer were taken from page 18 of the Brother's Network User Guide ( http://www.brother-usa.com/VirData/Content/en-US%5CPrinters%5CConsumer%5CNetwork UsersManual%5CNUM_HL_2270DW_EN_2639.PDF ).


    The steps for configuring the router were taken from the Apple support page "OS X: Connecting a Wi-Fi printer to your Wi-Fi network" ( http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3500 ).