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    Byzandinos wrote:


    This also drove me crazy but I do think that it actually works as designed.  Command Tab does bring the app to the front (not just the menu) as long as you have not minimized it before.  Eg if you open Word, Terminal, Mail and you minimize Terminal... when you Command Tab you will always be able to bring Word and Mail to the front but not Terminal... you need to go to the bottom menu (or wherever you have the apps menu strip) and click on Terminal to activate it again... after that it will come to the front with Word and Mail with the Command Tab.

    So in effect it is doing what you set it up to do... if you have minimized the app then it will stay minimized.


    Hope this helps


    No, that doesn't help.  That is not what we described.  Our problem is not when an app is minimized. 


    Edit: retracting the statement that it stopped happening to me.  I've just been doing less real work on the Mac... and started to forget it happens when i'm switching windows the most.

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    Hmmm - never had this problem until I installed Mountain Lion so it does not seem that Mountain lion fixes....

    All was fien until I had to runa  disk repair using the Disk Utility and then ran onyx to clean up the detritus of several motnhs


    Now CMD-Tab does nothing and I have nto foudn a solution

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    I'll add this from the Macrumors post did solve the problem



    killall dock did not do it exactly but as one poster pointed out

    ps -ef | grep -i dock

    Allowed you to detemine the actual command which should be


    killall Dock


    This restored the Cmd-Tab fucntion for now but no idea id I will have to do that after every reboot?


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    So, Ive working with this crappy bug since Lion came out. I read here that Mountain Lion fixes the problem, so I upgraded,and it worked BUT only if the app you've selected to switch to is on your current desktop.

    The CMD+TAB command won't switch desktops (spaces).

    I have Lightroom 4 running on an entire desktop and PSCS6 on another, when I try to switch to either one from my main desktop (where I'm running Chrome,itunes, finder etc), or from any desktop actually, to an app thats in a different desktop IT WON'T SWTICH!!

    Its pretty annoying. But I guess Im stuck with CTRL-Arrowing 'till theres a fix.


    Good day guys.

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    Is anyone still having this problem?  I'm experiencing this after upgrading from Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion just last week.  I can tab from regular apps TO fullscreen apps but I cannot tab FROM full screen apps to regular apps.

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    Upgrading to Mountain Lion completely solved my problems wether apps are full-screen or not or a mixture. If you can't switch at all from full screen apps to regular apps using Cmd-Tab then something is wrong with your particular Mac, perhaps a corrupted prefs file or a permissions problem. I suggest starting with a Permissions fix in Disk Utility.


    However you don't say exactly what happens when you try. My problem was that the switching would occur but the appropriate windows would not always come to the front. I never experienced the inability to switch using Cmd-Tab.

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    Let me clarify then that my Cmd-Tab function itself still works (the toolbar for whatever application I switch to appears at the top) but the window itself does not slide back into view (fullscreen apps).


    I can tab from fullscreen apps to regular screen apps and the regular screen (and application) slides into view.  But when I tab back into a fullscreen app, only the toolbar changes.  The screen itself does NOT slide back into view.


    Another noteworthy observation is that I CAN tab between two fullscreen applications.  The toolbar and window both slide into view like normal.


    So the problem ONLY presents itself when I try to switch from regular screen to fullscreen apps.  I already restarted numerous times and also repaired disk permissions twice.

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    It doesn't help. You have completely misunderstood the issue that is being discussed. Did you even read the thread?

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    For anyone still stuck on this problem like I was, I finally found a solution.  Doing a clean install of Mountain Lion and then using Migration Assistant DID NOT solve the problem.  I had to do a clean install of Mountain Lion and then MANUALLY bring back my personal files and applications (not using Migration Assistant).

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    I have the same problem as original poster. However, I can't upgrade because I'm on a 2008 MacBook that won't run MLion. Any suggestions to fix it in Lion?


    2008 Polycarb MacBook, Lion 10.7.5

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    I also have this problem, cmd+Tab is inconsistent, it doesn't work properly in about 10% of the times. The only thing I have to contibure is informing you guys that I'm in a brand new 2013 MacBook Pro running MLion from factory. There's no new updates to install.

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    Finally the answer is in system pref, mission control and tick the "when switching to an application, switich to a space with an open windows for the application" and it sort out the issue. It seems to have been added on one of the recent updates. Thanks to -fullscreen-app

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    read the posts.  the problem is it goes to the WRONG window.  not that it isn't going to a window at all. 

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    If you press cmd+w to close/hide Mail, You're actually closing the Message Viewer...

    So when you switch to Mail, no windows open up.


    If you press cmd + 0 after you've selected Mail via tabbing..., the viewer will come back.


    Hope this helps.

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    PrintHook: that is true, but OSX is supposed to behave that way if you cmd+w.


    The issue occurs when you simply cmd+tab away from e.g. Mail, without closing any windows. When you try to cmd+tab back to Mail, you end up seeing another program's window instead.


    I will add that when this problem occurs, subsequently cmd+tabbing back and forth once using cmd+tab+arrow keys (i.e. cmd+tab+right,left) _will_ show the right window. But this is very unproductive.