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I'm using a late '08, 2g ram, 250g HD macbook. It's been great to use, but recently it's gotten slow. Very slow. Slow to the point that watching a netflix video, in a window, not even full screen, is impossible without it being choppy and having the video seem to skip around. I'm pretty confused as to what is causing the problem. After all, plenty of other people have much older computers, with lesser specs, still running fine. My HD is only about half full, with 131gb remaining. When I watch netflix, I watch it in Chrome, with every other application closed...I really just don't understand what's causing this huge slowdown.

Edit: This isn't just netflix, I just thought it was a good example. Pretty much anything, such as trying to play a simple game like tetris, is very hard to do.

new 2008 macbook, Mac OS X (10.6.8), late 2008 model